Send and request money in your Gmail app on Android – Google New Feature

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Google announced another feature to send and receive money through Gmail app. My earlier post was on another new feature of them assisting as your parking lot guide. Like I have mentioned that they are working on numerous project to solve problems that will benefit a lot of people in the world. Now their Android Gmail App team came with a new feature to send and receive money completely within the Android app. They have even announced that we can transfer money through Gmail to not just people with Gmail addresses but others as well.

The giant search engine company have already gained our trust with services like Gmail, Android, Google Glass, Google Maps and the list goes on & on. Talking specifically about the Gmail application, which without any doubt is the No. 1 user-friendly email application in the world. So, without any third party assistance, we can directly send money from our account to others whom we intend to.

How This Works:

At sender’s end:


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This is completely within the application itself, you don’t need any other third party apps. Open the Android application or log in to your account on the web. From there you compose the mail, provide your card details and type the amount you would like to send and that’s it, done. No charges at all as per Google blog statement.

At receiver’s end:


As someone has already sent you money across and now it is up to you to claim the same. Considering you have logged into the account already, in order to claim the money just click “Claim Money” button and have your bank account information filled already, that’s it. Done. No charges at all as per Google blog statement.


Please note that the feature is currently available for U.S only on Gmail on the web or Android.
We may expect the announcement of this feature release on iOS and for other parts of the world pretty soon.
Until then go through their support article post, to know more about the feature.

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