Senior Home Care at your Door Steps – A Technology Powered Assisted Living at Ease

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All Serv Article

Senior care is an important decision in both the life of a senior, and the life of their dear ones. Until now, the choices were limited to retirement homes, secluded communities, or palliative care centres. However, sometimes all they need is a helping hand, which can afford them the peace of mind, and comfort of living at home.

While there are many comfort living solutions available for the senior community, they are not always comprehensive in covering the range of security or home maintenance requirements that may arise. Thankfully, that challenge is now simplified with technology-powered living solutions by care providers. Here’s how senior citizens can access complete care, right at their doorstep.

Home Care Services: For Better Living

With a little bit of insight, it’s easy to break down the services that will greatly improve the quality of social life, and wellness into:

  1. Medical and Emergency Services
  2. Food & Catering Services
  3. Safety & Security Services
  4. Home Maintenance Services
  5. Concierge Services

With the extensive reach of technology putting a mobile phone in everyone’s hand, it has become simpler to deliver more advanced care solutions in a more effective manner. By removing pain points and creating ease of access, managing an independent lifestyle in the comfort of home will no longer be a burden on anyone.

Alserv: Assisted Living, Like Never Before

As the situation stands, seniors need to reach out to multiple providers through various channels to manage their range of needs. For example, medical service providers who operate in closed networks are unlikely to additionally offer home maintenance services, leaving seniors to reach out to local plumbers or learn to navigate intricate aggregator platforms. While it may not seem like much work, the complexity increases manifold when requiring additional services such as security and housekeeping.

Alserv is the answer to the simple question – how can I get everything I need in one place? Our technology-driven platform aggregates vendors across a variety of verticals, and enables users to pay only for what they need.

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Users can opt for services at the touch of a button via the mobile app, or call one of our dedicated care representatives to place a request. This offers unparalleled freedom to our members, and eliminates the need to haggle with multiple vendors.

In order to provide quality care, we have partnered with a range of vendors across locations, including hospitals & ambulance vendor services that offer 24/7 emergency care services, cooks & caterers who will customize meals to meet your dietary needs, trusted safety & security companies for guards and elder-proofing installations, and housekeeping & maintenance vendors for maids and repair work.

In addition to the themes of simplicity and accessibility, our senior friendly platform also enables flexibility. With integrated payment options, and transparent review systems, it’s easier than ever to request for quality services, and sit back as things unfold, unfettered.

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