Seven Quick Tips in SEO To Heed Your Business in 2019

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For last few years, we all come across through a myriad of changes, but still their mission behind same. What’s it? Well, it is a platform to give users/customers the most relevant and valuable piece of information while they are looking for whilst delivering an exceptional experience. Still, now, you had followed many strategic and philosophical way of approaching SEO. Here are some key things to drive success in your business and will heed your business branding.

Quick Tips To Heed Your Business in 2019

Make Your Site Super-Fast

Usually, web users don’t have that much patience to wait for websites, but as a marketer put yourself in the customers’ shoe and think about it. Yes, without speed there is nothing. First, stuff all the useful information in your website and cut down all unnecessary data, so that your customer would be satisfied with super-fast loading pages. Optimize the formats and responsive sizes of the media that you have uploaded onto your website and eliminate all duplicate links and pointless data that slow down the loading time.

Maintain Mobile Friendliness

Have you ever asked yourself: “Do I need a mobile-friendly website?” The truth is, a major section of the online customers is surfing the internet through their smartphones. Google has already programmed an algorithm on April 21, 2015, which shows sites, that is responsive in nature, will be prioritized, and rank higher in mobile search results. They have given clear guidelines about how to make a website mobile friendly. Use the Mobile-Friendly Test tool by Google to see if pages on your site are mobile-friendly or not.

Use Long Tail Keywords For Your Product

Long tail keywords are keywords or key phrases that are more specific to your product or service than more common head keywords (one word). In general, long tail keywords get less search traffic, but will usually have a higher conversion rate. The more specific your keyword is, the less competition you will have to face. If you have just started your SEO campaign for a brand-new website, then you should concentrate on long-tail keywords. Or else, seek help from the digital marketing services in Chennai, who will obviously create high traffic for your site.

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Update and Republish Old Blog Posts

There is no secret in the fact that, people love to read updated content all the time. Not only people, but Google also prefers to show their users up-to-date content for better user experience. Therefore, you should update your existing web content with newer ones for getting a better result. Why are you waiting? Update your low performing old blog posts as soon as possible. It’s usually a 10x faster and more effective way to re-publish your old content than creating something new from the scratch.

Raise Voice Search

Today, it has been a well-known aspect in case of online queries. Programmers like Google Now, Siri, and Cortana are becoming more popular day by day with improved user interphase. Optimizing for voice search can increase the likelihood that your article would appear in the featured answer box, which is also known as “direct answer” and “rich answer”. This will free the user to put their fingers to better use like holding the morning coffee on the way to work, etc.

Don’t Forget Bing And Yahoo

The domain of internet doesn’t revolve around a particular search engine only. Understand that search engines aren’t a monopoly. No engine has reached that epitome of performance yet so that it can command every search query. There are still users who prefer Yahoo or Bing, and some are just plain used to it. Some unknowingly set the others as default browsers and never notice a change. Understand that this requires you to adapt to the workings of the major search engines and develop your site accordingly.

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