Shane McMahon Vs The Undertaker

Shane McMahon attacks The Undertaker – WWE Raw [Videos]

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Check out the heated exchange between Shane McMahon and The Undertaker on RAW ahead of their much anticipated Hell in a Cell Match in Wrestle-mania’s 32nd edition.

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Ever since the Shane McMahon’s return, he was very outspoken about his demand of exercising control over the Monday night’s show ‘RAW’. WWE’s chairman Vince McMahon agreed to Shane’s demand on a condition that he fights and defeats The Undertaker in ‘Hell in a Cell‘ match at WrestleMania. On losing, Shane will be disowned by Vince and all of Vince’s properties will be written to Stephanie.

The stakes are high on The Undertaker’s side too as he will never be able to compete in Wrestlemania’s future editions on account of losing to Shane.

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