Share links via Ultrasound - Try Radon

Share useful links using ultrasound –Try Radon [Tech]

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Share links via Ultrasound - Try Radon

Want to share links of an interesting articles or videos among persons near you? Go for Radon. Radon is an android app that allows users to share links to nearby people using Ultrasound. The app doesn’t need the devices to be paired or to be present on the same mobile/Wi-Fi network, just ensure the app is installed by the receiver.

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To share a link, the sender opens the app and searches for devices to share. Radon then uses a combination of Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Google nearby API technologies to detect and display devices that installed Radon. The sender now could share the links across the devices displayed using Ultrasound. With its ability to transfer at high data rates, links could be shared faster than other messaging platforms. On the flip side, the app doesn’t handle large volumes of data eliminating any chances of sharing audio and video files.

DOWNLOAD Radon from Google Play.


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