Perspectives is one of important things in our lives, as they play an important role in the betterment of our life. Having a positive or the right form of perspective and mindset will provide you the mindfulness and necessary ingredients to stay calm during tougher situations. People who control themselves and having a unique perspective are considered intelligent.

Here we have brought signs that indicate whether a person is intelligent in doing everyday tasks or the other way. Don’t miss out to check them as you may be doing of those signs without actually realizing how intelligent or genius you are.



It is kind of strange but the reality is that this is the truth. Generally, we see people who say they knew multiple things or any random things as a genius but it is the right way to identify a genius.

Simply to brag or show off people tell that knew anything you ask, but intelligent people are identified as those who never finds shame in accepting and announcing they don’t know about something.

The next time when someone asks about anything and you don’t know the correct answers, you can simply say “I don’t know” rather mumbling yeah, I think I know without knowing proper answers. When you say “I don’t know” then the other person will feel good and go check with someone else for the answer.


The second sign to identify how a random person is genius or not is with how eager he is to help them genuinely in every aspect. The simple example is that while having a conversation in an office with someone of your colleagues, then suddenly the other person struggle to bring the proper word to describe her thought.

During that time will you become the open who help the other person who similar others by giving them a light smile. These kinds of people are considered to intelligent as they have empathy on the competitors and colleague and still remains peaceful.


Yes, people with mess handwriting are considered as genius. This is because the person who is too focused the content rather focusing on the mistakes in the handwriting. Intelligent people explains the concept very clearly to anyone many a times but they hesitate to write as it may mislead with the super-fast handwriting.


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