Simple Queries Complex Answers: Free Will – A Myth or Does it Exist?

Free Will and Determinism Surfolks
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Before getting in-depth, Free Will is one own potential to choose among various options. For Example: On hearing your morning alarm, you can get up, snooze it to alert later or switch off & get back to sleep. It’s entirely an individual’s ability to decide. Sounds simple but complicated; Are our lives really independent where every act of us is entirely upon our own will??

Humans are social beings and irrespective of nationality, caste, creed and gender, being social does impose certain restrictions upon our free will like getting back to work,  going to school, starting your house chores, taking care of the young and the elders. Call it rules/obligations/responsibilities; we are forced to certain tasks without our likes/dislikes taken into consideration.

Free Will and Determinism Surfolks

What if there are no restrictions? We are free to act as to what we do? Sounds great; we’re typically on your own, there is absolutely no one questioning our actions. But we live in a world of cause and effects at the same time given the freedom to choose our actions.  That’s the irony of life, by Fate or Luck, no living being is isolated whereby every one’s action does have an effect on the surroundings and the surrounding events does has its effects on us.

Now comes the tricky part? Are our actions completely upon our own will without any influence or it is determined by the cause and effects of the previous events?

Free Will and Determinism Cause and Effect Surfolks

If it’s completely random, one’s action will end up opening new possibilities that haven’t existed and will open up new avenues leaving the world completely chaotic. On the other hand, if your actions are influenced by outside events then every act is a deterministic and could be controlled by events surrounding the given entity.

Neither one holds the ground; life is neither completely chaotic nor deterministic. It takes a chaotic approach at times and suddenly turns deterministic offering no clue as to when this switch occurs. Is this relativism the basis of life and all advancements on the earth? Is it only plausible on a planet like earth where free will and determinism could co-exist?

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Still searching for answers with more questions arising …………….

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