Simple trick to get updates about Sunny Leone – Automate Google Search

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Google Alerts is a alert service by Google to basically send you New/Top Google results regularly. It applies to every internet user who use any search engine to find anything. You put in your query keyword and opt for the Google Alert service with your email id. As usual Google does not charge you for this service much like their Gmail, Google+, YouTube and more.

How it applies to you?

As mentioned earlier, it applies to any internet user who regularly uses search engine to know something. For example, let me assume you are fond of Game of Thrones(GoT), the american fantasy drama television series. It’s big time as every single fan of GoT is searching for the upcoming season 7. You may setup an alert for the query keyword “Game of Thrones” or “Game of Thrones Season 7” and you will receive latest articles to your mail without you having to regularly spend time searching for the updates of Season 7.

I am not a tech savvy, how can I do this?

As the title of the article implies, its a simple trick and it doesn’t require you to be a tech savvy. Follow the below points and you are done. Similarly you can setup the alert for as many keywords as you would require For e.g Best Salon in Chennai, Digital Marketing, Salman Khan, Vishwaroopram 2.0, and what not . Basically this service helps you and me to save loads of time and get information at finger tips.

Do I need to have an gmail account?

No, you do not require a gmail account but you do require a general mail identity. It can be of any email service provider like Microsoft Live, Yahoo Mail, Gmail, and lots more.

Steps to setup the alert:

1. Open Google Alerts or Click Here. – This takes you the webpage where you can setup the alert.


Google Alerts web page

2. It will look more like the above screenshot, if not you should just try again.

Sunny leone search

3. In the search field type your keyword or select any from the below suggestions.

Email id

4. Enter you email in the field and click the button “Create Alert”.


5. Now log into you email account and acknowledge the confirmation mail and you are done.

Google Alert mail

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