Skip Doorbell & Use Google’s Nest Hello Doorbell

Like with all types of technology, security technology is always improving to better meet the needs of consumers and to make our daily life more and more convenient. Currently, thanks to major advances in the security technology field, we have been given the capability to keep our homes and our loved ones safer than ever. On this line, Google’s Nest Hello doorbell and smart lock let you see who’s at the door and unlock or lock your door from anywhere.

The keyless touchscreen deadbolt allows users to lock and unlock a door from just about anywhere, and create passcodes to manage access for family members, friends, and guests. Keycode access can be revoked at any time to ensure security, and homeowners can even create schedules for certain guests so that certain passcodes only work at certain times. Of course, all of this functionality can be controlled by the Nest app, which also displays a history of who has entered through a Nest x Yale Lock-protected door, and when. What a cool innovation is this!

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