Slow Motion video captures the train splashing snow on passengers

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While the world is trending on videos featuring cats and dogs, here is a totally different video trending on the internet. This video is about the slow motion display of a train ploughing the snow belted on the tracks as for the passengers surprise by the splashing of snow on them. Really, it’s much of a surprise to the passengers waiting for the train commute as well as wondering how those snow were going to be cleared off. Eventually, things unfolded in a dramatic and cool way. Here is the video, take a look and feel awesome.

It is the AMTRAK passenger railroad service that provides medium- and long-distance intercity service in the United States, as per Wikipedia. This video has been shot in the Rhinecliff-Kingston train station located in Rhinebeck, New York. Geographically located in the eastern part of the western country United States of America.

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Slow Motion

During the winter season, this region of the world much like any other winter arena filled with tonnes of snow. This video provides a light moment as the snow was blasted upwards of 20 inches of the air and gently touching the faces of the passengers waiting for the train commute, yeah not so gentle really. Due to the regular snow fall, it is hard for the workers to clear out the snow off the track. So these scenarios occur unavoidably and we should consider it as one of the pleasant plays of mother nature. In case if you want to have a look at the actual video without the slow motion part. Below is the video, have a look.


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