Snapchat Adds New Feature – Bitmoji With World Lenses

This is a great news for SNAPCHAT fans and marketing executives around the world. What the news? You would ask. SNAPCHAT is not dying! With the new feature BITMOJI, it is clearly evident that Snapchat is here to stay. Recently there have been speculations that Snapchat is dying considering the decline of user to this social network. This possibly the punch in the face to all haters who want this platform hit the ground.

Image source: Techcrunch
Image source: Techcrunch


Snapchat have a feature named “World Lens” which lets the user to create an environment as similar to the real world with augmented reality. Combining the World Lens feature, smartphone’s camera, and with the support of Bitmoji one can simple create cool things. Switch on the Snapchat camera which will display the augmented reality world of the real world and from there you can simply drop your avatar in the frame and make it perform creative actions.

Image Source: Techcrunch
Image Source: Techcrunch


If you can use this feature smartly then you can become famous among your friends in no time. Certain cool things people have already created are having your avatar do some yoga on the promenade, perform first time skateboard tricks on the sidewalk and lots more. The Bitmoji animations will be placed wherever you drop in the screen and lets you to scale it to the size you want.



The new feature enables anyone to create a virtual reality world where you can interact with things. This is considered to be an awesome technical achievement. The 3D Bitmoji are those you have already having created in the app with your linked Snapchat account, they are customized and can be found as a new option in the rear camera lens options. There seems to be lots more cool features to be announced in the Snapchat social network, let’s wait and watch the whole thing together. With Facebook giving a tough fight to Snapchat on the social networking space is evident to one and all. With out bringing out cool features like these, no social network can actually thrive for a long period.

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