Rahul Dravid's MAK Pataudi Memorial lecture

Snippets – Rahul Dravid’s Pataudi Memorial lecture

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Rahul Dravid's MAK Pataudi Memorial lecture

Rahul Dravid aka The Wall, popularly known for his steady and solid approach during his cricketing days is carrying on the good work off the field as the coach of U-19 Indian Team. His interviews and speeches show his sincerity, passion, dedication and undying responsibility towards the overall development of game. Below are few excerpts from his recent lecture for MAK Pataudi Memorial 2015-16 in Delhi.


About Pataudi

“When it comes to paying tribute to Indian cricket’s one and only Tiger, and I don’t think Sourav will mind if I say so, so I don’t think I should try to play any new shots.”

“The second feature that struck me was the absence of any “in my day” kind of talk. There was no excessive nostalgia in him, he had a great positivity about modern cricket.”

About Cricket

“Then there’s cricket: which at the start doesn’t even seem natural. You have to stand sideways holding a bat and even when given a ball, you cannot throw it.”

About Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin was different. Talent-wise, he was a freak. Everything about his rise to the Indian team, the inevitability of his success was beyond the ordinary. It was phenomenal and to us who were his age, it was almost scary.”


“Sachin was lucky that he had this vast umbrella of support and I dare say and he would agree, he wouldn’t have survived and prospered if not for it.”

His present view

“In the years since I’ve retired, I have got a chance to get a different view of Indian cricket – slightly more distant, yet still very attached. I have got a chance to see what Indian cricket is like from a parent’s eyes.”

About Cricket’s present situation

“The generation when you could say that “every Indian baby is born with a cricket bat in the hand” is well behind us. I feel that strongly because I can see more Indian children in the cities taking up other sports. Cricket is not their first game anymore.”

About coaching young kids

“The youngest coach shouldn’t be working with the youngest wards; it should in fact be the other way around.”

About taking up cricket as career

“At an age when the only decision that boys should stress about is whether to start shaving or not, we expect them to decide what they want to do with their lives.”

About life beyond cricket

“It is important to stay connected to school and college because it will mean they have friends outside cricket, conversations outside cricket and life experiences that are not connected to cricket. It will give them the perspective needed to become well-rounded adults.”

About overage cheating tactics

“I think of this overage business as dangerous and even toxic and to me gives rise to a question: If a child sees his parents and coaches cheating and creating a fake birth certificate, will he not be encouraged to become a cheat? He is being taught to lie by his own elders.”

Read the full transcript of his lecture


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