Beagle Mia Westminster Dog Show Trending 2017

So Cute: Watch Mia the Beagle’s funny antics at the Westminster Dog Show [Video]

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Irrespective of how good we train or how hard we try, it’s always the nature that has the final say. The way it reveals and expresses itself is beyond one’s control and understanding. Across the digital media, a trending video featuring a dog is a standing testimony of nature’s sway over the world.

Taking the center stage is Mia, a beagle that contested at the 2017 Westminster Kennel club dog show, held at Madison Square Garden. Showcasing her agility skills during the obstacle event, Mia out of nowhere changed course and did what dogs naturally do; sniffing herself & the ground and throwing a puzzled look at the spectators.

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The audience thundered into applause completely bowled by this unplanned act of hers. Mia did lose the game but won something more significant – People’s Hearts.

COURTESY: Inside Edition (Video) | Newsday (Image)

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