Social Media Image Sizes: The Complete Cheat Sheet 2017

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Every 3 out of five in a friends group holds a social media account. Interested or not, we love spending time in the social media to connect with our friends and interests. Since social media is constantly evolving, you have to keep with latest features in order to stay a float. We are bringing you the complete cheat sheet which helps you to display a neat account on various social media profiles. These image sizes consideration bring massive growth to you irrespective of you being a student, business owner, data analyst, content marketer, digital marketing consultant, or of any other sorts.


Facebook without doubt, it is the favorite for many to connect with their social network. As the stats say, Facebook consists of 1.23 billion active
users falls under different demographics but mostly with same intent.



Twitter, the short and sweet social network is loved by billions around the world. Starting from common people to business CEOs, all of us
are making the most out of Twitter. Now you can use the below preferred sizes for Twitter images and rock on.



Click Tracker and Link Manager

The stylish image sharing platform where the image size matters the most. Whether showcasing yourself or a business brand, Instagram can help you in the right way. Stick with the suggested image sizes and generate more likes and followers.



Pinterest is considered to be the underestimated social media powerhouse on the internet. It has got quite a lot of informative pins which  can turn you big time in no time with its endless opportunities.



LinkedIn the professional connectivity platform lets use to build a network of professionals which helps in getting a leap in our career. Gone are the days where you need to take a Resume/CV for an interview, because they can just know about you from your LinkedIn profile.


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