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Guest blog by Justin

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Sports fans are all about keeping in the know when it comes to their favorite teams. Nowadays, you don’t have to track down their favorite magazines or television programs to stay in the loop; they can simply head to their favorite sports social networking site. Here are seven of the top sports social networking sites out right now.

SportsFanLive: SportsFanLive provides a place for sports fans to hangout.  After creating a profile, you can invite your friends, read the top sports stories about your favorite teams, and get knee-deep in conversations with other members (which can also earn you points). You can also use the site to look for your local sports bar if you want to engage with sports enthusiasts in person.

FanCru: FanCru, like SportsFanLive, allows its users to chat with each other about the latest sports news and stats as well as find local sports hangouts. However, the startup also aims to bring the sports sponsors, franchises and sports venues closer to the fans themselves. Users can also check in with FanCru when they attend certain sports events, allowing them to earn rewards, such as concession stand discounts, upgraded seating, and more. Baseball fans might want to check out, especially if they love social networking sites like Facebook. This site aims at being a Facebook-type site for baseball fans. After joining, you can share your favorite videos and photos, chat with other users and join the larger discussions that are happening in the forums.

Phanoto: If you are a fan of photo social media sites like Instagram, you might like Phanoto. The photo-based sports site allows users to upload their favorite photos from sports games, giving users cool close-up and personal perspectives.  If you see a picture that you just have to comment on, Phanoto gives you the ability; all users can leave notes on photos, bringing the community that much closer.

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SportsYapper: New social media site SportsYapper aims to be like Twitter for the hardcore sports fan. At SportsYapper, users can update their accounts with 300-word status updates, focused solely on their ideas about their sports teams, certain players and more. You can either look at all of the updates at once, or you can filter the “Yapps” by team affiliation, the type of sport and more.

Bantr: If you’re a sports fan who loves statistics, you might want to check out Bantr. The site, still in its beta form, focuses on the soccer fan, providing users the ability to create profiles, engage other soccer fans in conversation and participate in polls that measure team manager approval ratings. Users can also pledge allegiances to their favorite teams, predict the outcome of upcoming games and more.

Chat Sports: Chat Sports combines the sports news of the day with social networking. The startup gives its users the top sports news, while providing them a way to chat with each other about the day’s headlines in the chat platform. The site also boasts its own core group of writers, which really brings home the idea that the site is for sports fans, by sports fans.

Which sports-oriented social media site do you prefer now?

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