Sony WF-1000X Truly Wireless In-Ear Noise Cancelling Headphones


Sony’s WF-1000X totally wireless earphones are lightweight, comfortable to wear and sound better than the AirPods. They also feature active noise canceling, including a variety of tips to get a good seal, and their included charging case delivers two extra charges. In fact, they’re the first totally wireless headphones to offer this feature — and they’re also Sony’s first stab at a totally wireless headphone. Part of Sony’s new 1000X wireless noise-canceling line, which includes over-the-ear and neckband-style models, the WF-1000X lists for $200 (£200 or AU$399). It comes in black or gold.

These types of totally wireless headphones live and die by their design and how well they fit people’s ears. In my case, they fit pretty well and I choose the Gold color, seems prettier choice. Though not as light or as small as the AirPods, they’re lightweight, each bud weighing in around 9 grams, which is pretty smart.

This wireless earphone has been getting mixed reviews. Some people seem to love them, while others think they’re not as polished as they should be despite the fact that they’re equipped with something the AirPods don’t have: active noise cancellation. So, what’s your opinion? Share us your reviews.

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