How Starches are Used in Sauces And Soups – Dietary Fiber

How Starches are Used in Sauces And Soups - Dietary Fiber 1
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Eating healthy and tasty food will provide nutrients vital for health and maintenance of your body. With a just teaspoon of starch, you can enhance the taste of food with the help of different types of thickening agent. Choosing the right thickening agent will provide fine texture and it also used to increase the stretchability. The food starch is widely exported by leading starch manufacturers. The starch can be used to thicken soups, gravies, sauces and more. They change the watery food too thick and creamy which helps you to find the difference in day to day cooking.

There are different types of thickening agent like Roux, Corn Starch, Whitewash, Liaison, Arrowroot, and Beurre Manie. The proper starch will produce a thickening property that blends well with many delicious foods. Starch granules well-absorbing water easily in the presence of heat. The flour is probably well-known cooking and baking thickener. Mostly they are used in gravies and the flour has a cloudy appearance so it’s best to avoid it in recipes that require a clear appearance. The corn-starch is the very excellent thickening agent which is good for puddings, sauces, and gravies.

The tapioca starch will thicken the food quickly and it has a glossy appearance. The potato starch is most popular in European countries which help to thicken recipes during Passover. The arrowroot starch is very famous in West India and it is easily digestible. It will add a shiny gloss to recipes. It will take maximum time to thicken the food at a lower temperature compared to other thickening agents.

Guar Gum is the famous starch used in India and it is made by grinding the seeds from guar beans. Guar gum starch is much stronger than other thickeners like arrowroot and cornstarch. Roux is the popular starch used to enhance the taste and texture of soup and gravies. The liason starch is a mixture of heavy cream and eggs added just at the end of the cooking process to slightly thicken and the standard ratio to be used is 16:1:2.

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The potato starch and corn starch are low in calories and it contains little nutritional value other than resistant starch content. One tablespoon of potato starch has only 40 calories per serving, 10 grams of carbohydrates and no dietary fiber. The starches are natural thickeners so that you can easily find out the difference of food which is preparing at home and in hotels.

In hotels, the foods are so tasty and it has a fine texture. Do you know the secrets behind those kinds of stuff? The starch adds more fine texture to the food which they are preparing and it attracts your eyes which tends to eat more. In bakeries, they are preparing cakes, buns with the help of corn and potato starches. The starch products are used in various industries and the common people will love food starches. In snacks, the starch will increase the protein content and it leads to a higher texture which attracts a lot of children’s easily.

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