Startling Facts: American government still dependent on Floppy Disk

Startling Facts American government still dependent on Floppy Disk Main
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Startling Facts American government still dependent on Floppy Disk

Floppy Disk!!! Ask a college-goer or a school boy? They would question back with “Isn’t that a thing of pre-historic?” This outdated storage device is the backbone of major American government operations. More startling is that fact that large number of nuclear arms are controlled and managed by Floppy Disks.

Based on a report from US Government Accountability Office, major nuclear arms such as Ballistic Missiles, Tanker support air-crafts built with previous computer technologies dating back around 30-40 years still rely on Floppy disks. In fact, the dependency on these 8-inch disks with a storage capacity of 237 KB costs $61 billion Taxpayers money annually which is roughly three times the country spends on new systems.

Even at the Treasury Office, the Individual Master file containing details of the individual taxpayers runs on program which only old IBM Mainframes systems could interpret. As per reports, the Department of Defense have planned to completely replace old systems will new-age systems by the end of 2017; while the Pentagon is planning to upgrade to new-age systems in all departments by 2020.

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