Step Wise Development Of Babies – Fetal Development

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Becoming pregnant is the biggest and happiest achievement for women. Yes, the woman’s life will be completed with motherhood. Motherhood is a very special feeling for all such women. In order to cherish the motherhood to the point, all the mothers should stay careful and healthy. If you are first-timer in pregnancy, then you may not know the stages of the baby development. During the first pregnancy, every woman would like to know the stages of their baby growth. If you badly suffer from fertility issues, then you should visit the best fertility hospital in Chennai.

Here is Explained the StepWise Development of Babies

If you are someone that wishes to know the stage-wise development of babies, then you should read the article further and to the fullest.

  • The first stage is the conception stage. In this stage, the sperm will penetrate the egg to finish the genetic make-up of the human fetus. The sex and genetic make-up of the fetus will start in this stage. Later three days, the fertilized egg will be divided and then goes through the fallopian tube into the uterus. The fallopian tube attached to the uterus in the uterine wall will give nourishment to the fetus and forms placenta.
  • After 4 weeks, the fundamental structures of the fetus will begin and that will form head, chest, abdomen and other organs. Arms and legs will be developed too at this stage. The pregnancy test conducted at home should be positive at this stage.
  • At the 8th week, the structure of the fetus will be 1.1 cm long. The facial features such as ears, nose tips, and eyelids will be developed at this stage. You can see arms and legs clearly and fingers are tending to grow.
  • At the 12th week, the length of the fetus will be 4.4 cm long. The fetal heartbeat will be audible through ultrasound. The forming sex organs can as well be identified by the ultrasound technique.
  • At the 16th week, the fetus will be lengthy and looks like an infant. The heart beats and eyes blink can be easily located. The facial features, fingers, toes will be clear and women can feel the uterus below the belly button.
  • At the 20th week, the baby may weigh up to 10 ounces. Mother can feel the movements of the baby. Mother can even feel the heart beats every now and then. You can have an ultrasound after the 20 weeks of your baby development.
  • After 24th weeks, the baby may weigh up to 1.4 pounds. In this stage, the baby may respond to sounds.
  • After 28th weeks, your baby will weigh good and premature delivery may happen due to some reasons. Hospital stay is necessary for this stage.
  • At 32nd weeks, mothers can feel the movement of the baby and doctors will discuss breastfeeding.
  • At 36th weeks, the baby will be delivered. The delivery date will be scheduled by the doctors.
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