Stop worrying on dropping your phone: Upcoming Gorilla Glass 5 promises long lasting protection [News]

Corning Gorilla Glass 5 Tech News Updates Surfolks
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It’s almost a life shattering moment when we drop our phones while texting, speaking, taking snaps, watching videos, playing games etc.  The broken glass on the phone is a pain until our hands grab a new one but the scar remains. Well here comes the respite, premium glass makers Corning has launched Gorilla Glass 5 promising better protection and resistance against phone drops. As of now, Gorilla Glass has been employed in 4.5 billion smartphones worldwide.Corning Gorilla Glass 5 Tech News Updates Surfolks

Claims the makers, Gorilla glass 5 assures insulation from shoulder height drops onto rugged and coarse surfaces up to 80% of the time.  This is 4X times better than the resistance offered by other competitive glasses. The increased protection from the makers won’t reduce the touch sensitivity and optical clarity thereby providing protection and retaining the performance bar bestowing ultimate experience for the consumers.

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Gorilla Glass is fabricated by sandwiching the glass between molten salt at temperatures around 400 degrees Celsius. The heating process causes the glass to absorb the potassium ions by exchanging its sodium ions. The potassium ions being large are more successful in withstanding compressive stress ensuring fewer cracks in the glass providing more protection. Other than Gorilla Glass, the makers manufacture glass for LCD monitors.

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The 160-year old company has been historically famous in providing glass-related solutions for various consumer appliances ranging from heat-resistant glass cook wares, cathode ray tubes in TV sets, glass casing for incandescent lights and windows for manned space vehicles. Acknowledging their contributions towards product innovations, Corning has been awarded the National Medal of Technology four times since its inception.

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