Strategies To Follow As An IT Youngsters-Here Is Your Way!

Strategies To Follow As An IT Youngsters-Here Is Your Way! 1

Dream job- All of them have a dream about it in our childhood days, and we spend many years of hardship for preparing it. Sometimes, it often turns out in a surprising path which we even don’t think of it but may fill your path with delightful and feels like a treacherous hike through the mountains. All set, now you become a software developer, how do you keep up to date? To keep up to speed with the latest in tech, here is the strategy to follow.

Ways to keep up to date :

Try Pet Projects/ R& D :

Even though, you read or hear some of the new tech giants it is worthless until you try it out. For this, work out on some of the pet projects or spend time on R&D is a great way to give platform/ library and a tool a chance to understand how it relates to your day-to-day activity.

Read Blogs More & More :

For your particular technical stack and for the tools you use, find the popular blogs at your leisure perios. Also, surf some of the latest posts by the great tech giant, who specializes in the innovation in the tech space. Accordingly, follow Slashdot, Diginomica, Recode, DZone, Hacker News and some tech portals for discussing your queries regarding all sorts of new tech. In that line, read some press release by Techcrunch or Mashable and find some new update.

Podcast :

If you were too busy in your daily activity, prefer to listen while running some errands, the podcast is a great way to keep yourself up to speed. To be precise, there are numerous software and web developed podcasts such as HTTP 203, Sitepoint, The Changelog, The Big Web Show, Herding Code, Modern web and more.

Read Books :

Even in this digital age, still, some people may feel comfortable on following to read books to figure out something out of the sky. To be gentle, I believe that books could stand as the instrumental for exploring a technical topic in-depth. Some of the evergreen and worth reading books are Software Craftsmanship, Software Architecture in Practice, The Pragmatic Programmer, Domain-Driven Design, Clean Code, Continuous Delivery, The Gang of Four and more choice.

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Courses :

Cloud Computing

Nowadays, many of the institutes or online platforms feature their latest courses and discussing its hot tools, platforms, and languages. For example, if you prefer cloud certification in Chennai in one of the reputed institutes will easily outline certain areas regarding that domain, and it is worth exploring further.

Be Active in Social Media :

Social Media

Yes, one of the perfect ways to follow many of the industry peers, magazines, blogs and communities online. Try to get connected with them and look at their regular post and create a different list of Topics that you’re interested in. Not only this, while connecting with both the local and international tech groups you may feed up in your career growth and professional development.

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