Successful Career Planning with Your LinkedIn Profile

career planning
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career planning

Career planning is the process by which an individual takes chance to plan his or her job path and moves both their short-term and long-term goals in the light of their own strengths and motivations. So, career planning should properly occur throughout every individual’s working life either at the beginning of the career or at crisis point when a job gets lost. While searching new job opportunity, you have heard the term “LinkedIn”, which was uttered by your colleagues or by our fellow classmates. But, what is LinkedIn, anyway?

We may use Facebook to connect with your friends, family and colleagues. Likewise, LinkedIn is built for professional networking, which helps to connect with more recruiters so that you can easily grab your dream job based on your area of interest.

Why LinkedIn is useful resource for job seekers?

LinkedIn is adding 2 new users at every second and as of now they had won the heart of 500million+ job seekers. So, let’s talk about the “Why” reason.

  • Grow and maintain your network
  • Establish and control your professional
  • LinkedIn owns the unique recruiting process

How to get started on LinkedIn

The most important part of LinkedIn is your profile, which showcases your unique skills and experiences that make you to stand out from the crowd. Well, here are few tips to be followed,

Create a Profile– Your profile should include qualification, experience and your skills. You can even add photo so that the recruiters can easily find you. Also, try to customize URL with your name, it will give a way to share your profile with each other in an easy way. For instance,

Mention Skills– Add your experience details certifications, area of interest and other skills you may have, in the summary section of your LinkedIn profile.

Highlight certification course– There are lot of certification training courses like ITIL training, cloud technologies, Big Data, etc are available at the moment to take your career path to the next level. Join the best and the world-class ITIL certification in Chennai, which is the de-facto standard for IT service management frameworks.

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Show your unique identity– Use the additional information section of your LinkedIn profile to include links to your company, your website, your blog, your twitter account, which provide information about you.

Overall, create a standard LinkedIn profile to stand out from the job searching crowd. Further, get recommendations from people you have worked with can carry a lot of weight.

Merits for using LinkedIn for your career

  • As LinkedIn is the global networking platform, we can connect with the major international companies and can apply though the online platform.
  • One of the fascinating features of the LinkedIn, it allows the job searchers and graduates to check out the company pages of their interest.
  • Professionals on LinkedIn are always open to make connection which can helps for the better guidance of our career and increases the chance of the employability.
  • LinkedIn invites users to post articles to establish your expertise.

Overall, there are several uses of LinkedIn, if used well it can help you in growing professionally. So, more you are on the top, more you have opportunity to be hired.

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