Superpower of corn starch – Pros and Cons

Corn Starch

Heard of corn flour and used it in your kitchen to make that soup a little more thicker eh? This is what is the corn starch which has multiple benefits and drawbacks as well.It is derived from maize of corn in the form of a fine powder. This article is largely about the super powers of corn starch and a little about the cons.

Cornstarch is manufactured by many starch manufacturers in India. It has a huge market due to its varied benefits.


  1. Cornstarch can be used as a thickening agent in many sorts of cooking. For instance it can be added in soup to thicken it.
  2. It is a carbohydrate
  3. When replaced for flour in batter it makes the dish crispier
  4. Putting some cornstarch in new shoes can keep it away from odor
  5. Cornstarch can absorb excess oil from your hair. Dust off some on your hair brush to get that fresh feeling of manageable hair
  6. Prevent chafing of skin by adding a little cornstarch to your compact/talcum powder. It wont reduce the nice smell of the powder either.
  7. As cornstarch is known to absorb moisture it can be used in places where you don’t need that wet feeling say in your wardrobe, just sprinkle a little and you get that dryness.
  8. It is gluten free and can be used in Vegan preparations.

With such benefits, cornstarch is surely known as a powder with super benefits. Starch manufacturers have a great market due to these super powers of it. These days sanitary pads are also made of cornstarch which decompose completely in soil when disposed off. Also because of its absorbing capacity it can keep the pad dry and give extra comfort during those period days. They are also known to keep bacteria away when used for longer hours on a busy period day.


  1. It is known to break down into glucose which is expected to increase sugar levels and hence is not recommended for diabetics. Cornstarch is a strict no to those suffering from high sugar levels.
  2. It is also not a healthy diet for those with cardiovascular diseases
  3. Starch is commonly known to enhance weight gain. So if you are on a weight loss diet, you cant be taking soups made of this natural thickening agent
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These are the disadvantages of cornstarch. Anything good is known to have its own negative effects. So, cornstarch also not spared of it. When there are multiple uses, one can make use of the benefits instead of pondering over the minimal cons. This way, cornstarch can be put to good use if not for diet purposes. It can be kept handy in households for cleaning and other purposes also. It is however made easily available in the market at affordable prices by the starch manufacturers in India. This also boosts of being the only edible starch! Make sure you pick up a pack and keep it handy for multiple purposes.

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