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Tap into the creative world of Gaming as video games have evolved in unimaginable ways when compared to 1970s. Gone are days, where you just play a dumb game and pass time with your friends and family. Gaming in general are complex, challenging and make your ambitious defeat the antagonist at any cost.

Image credits: Flickr
Image credits: Flickr

Have you ever given a thought when a blockbuster movie later made into a video game? Along with the emotional connect, you experience yourself being the protagonist in the game which improves you character, attitude and way of life. There are surprising benefits it brings to every one of us which will help us in tackling real life situations.


Videos games are available in various genres ranging from Action, Survival, Role-playing, Simulation, Strategy, Sports, Racing, Puzzles and much more. A gamer experiences several hardships while playing any particular game as he has to try repeatedly to pass the levels and complete the game eventually.

Image credits: dodlive
Image credits: dodlive

Certain genres of these games reward and encourage leadership to the player in his subconscious mind. You can develop beneficial traits like Leading the team, Saving the needy from the evil, Confidence to tackle massive problems and more.

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There are games which completely connects with the past and let you live those wonderful moments through a video game. A popular PC game “Age of Empires”, it involves age old civilizations, their war techniques, their troop power, their way of living, attacking strategies and more.

Image credits: wikimedia

When you play this game, you tend to close relate to these details and in order to win over the other civilizations you get to know your strength and weakness and enemy troop strength and weakness. In the modern knowing the history as well equipped to know the strength and weakness of oneself and the competitors will help you in succeeding at a faster scale.


Puzzle, brain teaser, problem-solving, memory power games will help you in many ways. When you involve yourself solving a puzzle or a brain games, you feel energetic and positive to face similar problems in the real world.

In one study, they say that with just 10 hours of play one can increase their cognitive functioning potential irrespective of them being older or an adult. For adults, it may slow the aging process as they feel more connected with someone during the play.

Grab yourself and no need to spend thousands of dollars of those sort. Every one of us have a desktop computer or a laptop personal computer, with which we can start playing and improve our lifestyle. For better experience, just buy a gaming mouse which speeds things up and let you enjoy the game forever.

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