Taking Care Of Baby’s Skin in Summer – Natural Ingredients to Follow

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A baby’s skin is very delicate and sensitive. So in summers, mothers are prone to worry about the skin problems like rashes from diapers, redness, itching and various others. Now with Global warming there is a significant rise in the temperatures during summer. It ought to create some concerns regarding skin especially for new born babies.

A renowned Specialist Offers Expertise On This Dilemma and gives us some Instructions:

  • His first and foremost advice is to keep the babies hydrated. The skin of babies tends to become dry in the summer. Breast milk is the best answer to keep the baby hydrated, the portion of water from breast milk or milk formulas will be sufficient for the baby. Feed them frequently, but in small amounts.
  • One of the fertility specialist in Chennai, advices to ensure that you do not take the baby out in the open from mid mornings until evening. Because the developing skin of the baby is highly susceptible to sun burn. It causes a lot of discomfort in the babies. Avoid taking babies out in the day during summer.
  • Bathe them, if the baby is comfortable; bathe them at least three times in a day. It will soothe them,take care that the water is not too cold or not too hot.The water should be at room temperature.It will help baby cool down a little,and also not make them sick. Using Neem leaves in bath water is also a great source of cooling for skin.
  • Massage is very important for a baby; it keeps their skin moisturised and cool.Take care that rather than using mustard oil for the massage in baby’ skin, use coconut oil. Mustard oil is warm in nature, so it more useful in winters. In summer massage with coconut oil will refresh a baby.
  • The baby may even suffer from heat rashes, during this time, 2 spoons of sandalwood powder in bath water, would do wonders to their skin and provide much needed relief.
  • The most common problem faced by mothers in this sweltering heat is the diaper rashes of the babies. In summer due to the sweating babies tend to develop a lot of diaper rashes and sometimes they become very painful and a source of irritation for the baby. Aloe Vera lotion or aloe Vera gel is a great solution for them, also a cream containing Yashada Bhasma is very beneficial as it has soothing effects.
  • Use of Talcum Powder with natural ingredients is also helpful at times.
  • If the baby is old enough to have other food and drinks. Prepare homemade juices and drinks. Incorporate the baby’s diet schedule with them. Ensure that the baby intakes a lot of water, so it helps prevent any kind of dehydration.
  • Make the baby wear loose cotton and linen clothes. The baby will feel more comfortable, especially if you are somewhere out.
  • Any kind of products like lotions, soap, shampoo, diaper, rash cream should have natural ingredients like Aloe Vera, Yashada Bhasma, Neem, Lemon oil, and Almond oil. These all act as great coolants for their skin.
  • A famous best fertility hospital in Chennai suggests that keep the surrounding environment clean so insects and mosquitoes do not breed there. Make the baby wear loose clothes that cover their whole body, so that they do not get bitten by insects and bugs.
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To spend a carefree and enjoyable summer with your little one, follow the above precautions and use natural products.

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