Tastiest pizza paratha recipes – Homemade healthy snacks

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Paratha Receipe

Why we love pizza and burger? The food trend has been changed entirely and the people are rushing up to pizza counters regularly for their lunch or dinner. They feel very light while eating pizzas and most of the children are love to eat pizzas at snacks time. The stone baked pizzas are made using the fresh ingredients and toppings and the pizza would be your most favourite dish on all special occasions.

The paratha is also one of the most famous and favourite dishes in India. Everyone will love eating paratha at night. If your very hungry at night the paratha is the best dish for you. Instead of spending money in roadside shops for paratha you can prepare it from home easily. So, are you ready to order the big pan pizza and paratha now? Wait a minute let’s see some of the tastiest pizza paratha varieties below and enjoy the dinner with healthy snacks.


You can personalize the pizza with the required toppings and serve the pizza especially for the kids for snacks break. Many people will use starch in paratha for better shape and smell. Also, you can get those starch from the starch exporters if you needed to prepare the tastiest yummy paratha pizza.

Things needed to prepare pizza paratha:

1 ½ cup wheat flour or Atta

Salt and Water (As much as required)

One Oil Packet

1 ½ cup cheese, Italian herbs or coriander leaves.

Red Chillies flakes

Chopped Onion, Capsicum, Sliced Olives.


In the mixing bowl take flour or Atta and add ½ tbsp of water and salt also you can use 1 cup of water in kneading the dough. Take some oil in the hand and smoothen the dough often. Knead the dough and divide into two equal parts. Roll each part of the dough in the smooth ball. Place the plate on the dough and cover it for 15-20 minutes. Meanwhile, take another bowl and put cheese, chopped onion, bell peppers, corns, olives and needed vegetables. Add a little bit of salt as required and keep it aside for some time. After 20 minutes take that dough and roll it like big chapatti. Spread some sauce on that chapatti which you prepared and also spread some cheese mixtures on chapatti. You can bring any different shapes of paratha as you need. Fry this paratha on medium heat until they are brown and crispy on both the sides. Press the filled patty parathas lightly from both the sides with your fingers. After heating the paratha again brush the paratha with oil and flip it for another 2 minutes. Paratha should be under heat for 5 minutes to cook nicely. Keep cooking on low to medium depending on the colour of paratha and until the cheese melts on paratha. You can use that Italian herb and red chilli flakes on the paratha and make it more delicious. Once you done all the procedure cut and serve the delicious pizza paratha immediately and serve hot.



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