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Needless to remind Tesla, an electric car company has shaken up the automobile industry already. After producing the Model X and Model S, now Elon Musk have revealed the Model 3 electric car. Tesla Model 3 electric car has been designed with the interest to make electric cars affordable to everyone. This specific model 3 design has been promised by Elon 14 years ago and he stayed true to it by delivering it.

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The car boasts several unique features and best of them is that the car has been designed for gadget lovers. Why we say that? Because you are not given the car keys rather you are given the privilege to control the car only by your smartphone.

Through the Tesla mobile app, you can control when to start/stop car engine and along with this you can get a plastic roughly the shape of the credit card with which you can unlock the car with just a tap.

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The earlier versions of Tesla being the Model X and S electric cars which is not affordable by every car buyer. So, Musk came with this indigenous plan to design an electric that will affordable by everyone at the same time it also accelerates humanity transition to sustainable energy.

The car price starts from $35,000, an electric car at this rate tag is a jaw-opener only. With a single charge, you can ride up to 350 KMs in a stretch and the electric charging plant has been available at many parts of the United States.


As stated above the Model 3 does not require you to carry a key and chain along with you. We are well aware, how good we people are with managing the keys to several things. So, a car with no key is just creating more chills thinking of experience driving a Tesla Model 3.

The Model 3 uses Bluetooth LE technology to communicate with your smartphone device. Through this interaction the car identifies the right owner and for valet or spare set purposes you will be provided with a card to unlock the vehicle with just a tap.

Of course, there are drawbacks as well and that’s why if you want a Tesla car then you have to be very careful on your device. Never let it on others hands as well don’t give juicy information for hackers to unlock your device just like that. Feel the responsibility.

A hacker compromising your device as well as your Tesla car through that is the last thing any car owner would ever want. To know more about the Model 3, click here.



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