Thani Oruvan – An analysis

Thani Oruvan
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Thani Oruvan

Every movie made has the potential to become hit, even a classic. With Thani Oruvan’s astounding success and the talks it generated over the past few weeks, let us look at the factors that played a crucial role to its success and what it missed from being a classic.



Arvind Swamy

Making a comeback and that too as a cunning antagonist, ArvindSwamy as Sidharth Abimanyu was the fulcrum on around which the movie rotates. His good looks add more evilness to the character. His screen persona completely shadowed Jayam Ravi’s. A few dialogues mouthed from him like “Kadavul koooda eppovumae nallathu seiya mudiyathu(Even Gods can’t do good things all the time)” stood out.

Mohan Raja

After directing a long list of remakes this man chose to come out of his comfort zone and has succeeded. As storywriter he was smart enough he choose script that was likely to fail and a screenplay that was smart and engaging. As a captain of the ship, he wisely chose his team members like SuBha for storyline and screenplay, ArvindSwamy as antagonist, HipHopTamizha as composer, Jeyam Ravi as lead, Ramji as cinematographer, Nayanthara as female lead.

HipHop Tamizha

Mohan Raja’s choice of HipHop Tamizha was during final stages of production. If Indru Netru Naalai showed his capability of composing songs outside his comfort zone, then Thani Oruvan shows it was no flash in pan. Right from peppy ”kadhal Cricket”, the romantic “Kannalane”, the theme “Thani Oruvan” and finally “Themai than vellum” HipHopTamizha has shown great versatility coupled with freshness.

Script Writing

Mohan Raja was intelligent enough to utilize the writing talent of SuBha(Suresh and Balakirshnan) who showed their mettle in movies like KO, Anegan, Arrambam. Even though the main theme was the tried and tested one, their smartness lay in the treatment to the storyline, development of characters. The way the initial murders were shown as part of big things was done well. The standoffs between the lead and antagonist were interesting though nothing culminates to a fist fight adds novelty to the storyline. The romantic angle between Jayam Ravi and Nayanthara was well written and mature.

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Lead character development

While the antagonist nature and personality was sketched properly the same cannot be said about the lead character. We have no idea about his past and his reason to join Civil Services, his initial rejections to love isn’t convincing at all.

For a person to take upon a big shot or striving for a change in public affairs, a strong personal motive which was required is completely missing. Take Shankar’s Indian where Senapathy(KamalHassan) goes on to eliminate corruption as he lost daughter due to it or even the recent Vijay starrer Kaththi revolving around a person fighting to save his village’s water resources being wrongly utilized.

Predictable Story

As usual you have a lead who is a do-gooder and his counterpart who is all evil. Though their cat and mouse game were interesting, it would have been great if the characters were shown with shades of grey or flawed which would given a whole new dimension to the story.

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