The Definitive Guide to Buying an Electric Vehicle

It’s electric! It’s electric!

If you’re thinking about buying an electric car, then this is the guide for you.

You’ll need to know what electric cars are available in your market and how much they cost.

We will cover electric car types like hybrids, plug-in hybrids, and all-electric cars, and hybrid conversions.

The Definitive Guide to Buying an Electric Vehicle

What electric cars are available in your market?

This is likely to be the first question on your mind when considering an electric car.

The more electric models that are available, the greater choice you will have and the easier it will be for you to find one that meets your needs.

Different types of electric vehicles make different compromises in terms of design, electric range, and features.

This means that not all-electric cars will be a good match for you personally.

It’s important to find the electric vehicle that best suits your needs in order to make sure it is comfortable and easy to drive around town or on long trips as well.

How much does an electric car cost?

As electric vehicles are newer to the market, they tend to be more expensive than their gas-powered counterparts.

The reason for this is that electric cars have a higher upfront price compared with lower ongoing fuel costs.

You’ll need to think about how much you can afford and what your budget will allow before making a purchase.

Hybrid electric car conversion

Some people decide to go electric by converting their existing hybrid electric vehicle into an all-electric car.

The process is not always straightforward, but it does allow you to have the best of both worlds: electric and gas power.

Electric Vehicle Types

There are three different types of electric cars:


-Plug-in Hybrids

-All Electric Cars.

A hybrid electric car is powered by both electric and gas power, with the electric battery serving as a backup to extend fuel range when needed. Plug-in hybrids are similar, but they can be plugged into an outlet for more electric driving options.

All-electric cars rely on electric power only. They are charged through either a plug-in or wireless charging system.

Hybrid Conversions

Converting your existing hybrid to all-electric is another popular option for those looking at going electric but don’t want to give up their gas engine entirely.

This process isn’t straightforward, and electric conversions can be expensive.

It’s best to talk with a technician and do your research before committing to this option since it may not always work for all hybrid models.

Things to Consider Before Buying an Electric Car:

Now that you have decided to buy an electric car, the next step is to choose the right type of electric vehicle. When you are deciding what type of EV to buy, you should think about several things. Buying an electric car is not as easy as buying a regular gas/diesel car. Here are some things to think about


Electric cars are environmentally friendly, but they are not affordable. The electric car costs more than a regular car because of the complex electrical systems and expensive batteries. For example, an electric hatchback might cost around 6 Lakhs.

Incentives And Tax Benefits

The government will give you a tax break or incentive if you buy an electric car. You can also get benefits from the government in India, where they offer reduced service tax for electric cars.

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Software Updates

Electric cars have complex electric powertrains and advanced technology, so it is important to keep them up to date with software. Some manufacturers offer free updates, but some charge for them. It is important to think about which car you buy and what the update policy is when you buy an electric car.


Electric cars come with a variety of different motors and battery packs. It is important to find an electric car that has the specifications you need. Do not choose one that will be frustrating to drive. Look at the details about the electric car before buying it.

Driving Range

The driving range is one of the things to look at when you buy an electric car. The range a car can go while driving might be different in real life than it is on paper, so don’t just rely on the number that manufacturers say. You should read reviews by people who have driven the car to find out what their experience was like.

Battery Life

A battery pack is a very important part of an electric vehicle. The batteries are also expensive parts of the EV. Replacing a battery pack can cost you lots of money. When you buy an eco-friendly car, always check how long the battery lasts before buying it.

Charging Infrastructure

There are not many electric cars charging stations in India. You will find them more in big cities, but they are not as common as the fuel stations. The situation is different outside of the major cities. Make sure you know this before you decide to buy an electric car there.

Charging Options

An electric car has a lot of different ways to charge. Some are expensive or hard to find. You can also do charging at your home. Make sure you check out the different ways before buying an electric car!

Maintenance Cost

It is important to maintain your EV. Without proper maintenance, the EV may not operate as well. Normal EV’s are easy to take care of because they have less moving parts than a regular car. But if something happens and you can’t fix it, the repair bills will be expensive. There are only a few people who know how to fix electric cars.

Fuel Cost

Electric vehicles are cheaper to maintain and fuel up than gas-powered vehicles, but they are more expensive upfront. A lot of people buy electric cars because it is eco-friendly and saves them money on the long term; not just for today’s costs. But this doesn’t always work out in practice, so make sure you compare the electric car with a gas-powered vehicle before buying it.

Driving Experience

Different electric cars have different driving experiences, and some are better than others for certain people. For example, if you drive in an area where there is not much traffic or lots of stop-and-go traffic, then electric vehicles might be more suitable for you.

Additional Costs

When you own an electric car, there are extra costs. You have to spend more money on a home charger and the installation of the charging station. You also need to take care of the charging station and public stations that charge your car. Be aware that these expenses can make owning an electric car more expensive than a regular vehicle.

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Practical Usability

An electric car is not a practical choice for everyone. It will depend on how much you need to drive and the range of an electric car. For someone who lives in a city, an electric car might be good because they only drive short distances, but for someone who drives long distances, it might not make sense. So before deciding to buy electric cars, be sure to think about the practical usability of electric vehicles.

Brand and Model

There are not many electric cars in India, so it should be easy to choose. There are four different brands of electric cars in India: Hyundai, Mahindra, Tata Motors, and MG Motor. These cars are in different price ranges. Choose the one that is right for you based on your budget and what kind of car you want.

Places to Buy Electric Cars

An electric car can be bought online from a company’s website through an electric vehicle dealer. You will find dealers in major cities like New Delhi and Mumbai. There are also electric cars that have been imported into India, which you can buy if you want to get one right away instead of waiting for them to be made in India.

After-sales Service and Support

Once you buy an electric car, the experience can be good or bad depending on the after-sales service and support from the manufacturer. Nowadays, most EV manufacturers offer several years of warranty on battery packs and also install a wall charger in your home. The service centers will have trained professionals to work on your electric car.

Electric or Hybrid?

If you don’t want to buy an electric car, you can buy a hybrid car instead. A hybrid car makes less pollution than a regular car. In a hybrid car, both the IC engine and the electric motor work together to make the vehicle run more efficiently. The electric motors get power from the battery packs that are charged by regenerative braking.

Cost of Car Insurance

The cost of insuring an electric car is expensive because they are more expensive. The more the value of the car, the higher the cost for Insurance for electric cars is much more expensive when compared to a regular car. So, think about how much your insurance will be before you buy an electric car.

Leasing an Electric Car

You can lease an electric car if you do not plan to own it for a long time. You will also save money as you can pay for repairs now, and you don’t have to worry about selling the car later. 

Some companies even offer leasing options that are cheaper than buying a new electric car.

Specification to Consider While Buying an Electric Car:

An electric car is a complex machine, so you need to know how it works. It has advanced technology and a complex electric drivetrain. If you want to buy an electric car, make sure that you read the guide about it first. You should pay attention to these important things:

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Type of Electric Vehicle

First, you need to figure out what type of electric car you want to buy. There are mainly four types: fully-electric, hybrid electric, plug-in hybrid electric, and fuel cell electric. A hybrid electric vehicle does not require any external charging. Fuel cell vehicles are still in their early stages.

Driving Range

The driving range of an electric car is the distance you can drive on a single full charge. The driving range might be important to you when you are buying an EV because there are not as many charging stations as fuel stations. If possible, buy a car with a good driving range so that it will be easier to make long trips.

Type of Battery and Capacity

Electric cars use light and efficient Lithium-Ion battery packs. The capacity of the battery will affect how far you can go when driving. If the capacity is higher, you can drive farther without charging.

Charging Specifications

It is not only the battery capacity that matters in an electric car. You should also think about how long it will take to charge your battery. Currently, there are two common ways to charge an EV: the standard charger and the fast charger. A fast charger can fully charge your battery within a few hours, but it is expensive. The standard charger takes more time, but it is cheaper.

Acceleration of EV

Usually, an electric car is just as fast as an IC engine. Electric cars get going very quickly because of the instant torque from the electric motors. The acceleration depends on how many motors there are and the power they make.

Power and Torque

The power of an electric car is the mechanical output from the electricity. The torque tells you how fast the EV can go and depends on how powerful the electric motor is.

Warranty on Battery

EVs use a battery pack. Sometimes, the manufacturer will provide a warranty for how many miles the car can drive or how long it can run without needing to be charged. Make sure you look out for these details.

Energy Consumption

You have to think about how much electricity an EV uses, and you can compare that to a car with an IC engine. You can also think about the cost of running the car. Usually, EVs use less electricity than cars with IC engines, and they are cheaper when it comes to running costs.

Is Insurance required for Electric Cars?

Insurance is important for electric cars. Electric cars are expensive, and any damage to them can be expensive. There are different insurance policies you can choose from, like a comprehensive car insurance policy.

You can buy car insurance online. You can compare different plans before buying, and then you can renew them without any paperwork.


Electric cars can be a good choice for the future. They are eco-friendly, and they help keep the environment clean. 

It can be hard to charge an electric car right now because there is not enough charging infrastructure, but if you take into account all of the information about electric cars before you buy one, then owning an electric car will be a very rewarding experience.

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