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The difference between an entrepreneur and a founder is often misinterpreted because they are so closely related.

A founder is typically the person who has the original idea for a business and takes on one of many roles to make it happen: from CEO/Founder to CFO, etc.; whereas an entrepreneur is someone who comes in later with experience to take over for any role that needs it.

The Difference Between an Entrepreneur and Founder
The Difference Between an Entrepreneur and Founder

The Entrepreneur:

An Entrepreneur understands what it means to be the head of a company and may have experience as a CEO or President.

They might not know how to do all of the work themselves, but they’ll hire people who can fill in their gaps-and they’re okay with doing some things that aren’t fun just to make sure nothing falls through the cracks.

Emotionally, an Entrepreneur will be ready to take on the personal risks of being a business owner while also taking responsibility for employees and customers.

They’ll believe in their company (and themselves) when things get tough, and they won’t back down, or quit-they don’t let obstacles slow them down.


They push forward with strategies that could pay off huge but could also result in loss of funds if it doesn’t work out.

The Founder:

A Founder has similar characteristics to an entrepreneur; however, they typically don’t have as much experience running companies.

This is a good thing because it allows them to stay focused on what is most important and often overlooked, the project itself. They will spend their time researching each step they take with the business to make sure that it’s done right.

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They are very passionate about their ideas and want to make sure that they succeed because they truly believe in them; Founders will put their own money into a company just to see it come off the ground.

If someone offered them more money for ownership of the company after it succeeds, a Founder is likely to turn it down–unless you can prove that your skills as an entrepreneur and/or leader would be better suited at leading the company through its growth stages.

Being a Founder means having an idea of what needs to happen next on every level: from design and code development to marketing and strategic plans.

How Do Founders Differ from Entrepreneurs?

A founder is generally considered the person who has the original idea for a business and takes on one of many roles to make it happen.

An entrepreneur is someone who comes in later with experience to take over for any role that needs it.

The risk of failure becomes greater as they move through each stage, but this could also be the reason why their rewards are higher if it works out.

A founder will make sure that every detail or element involved with setting up a new business has been taken care of so there’s not much room left for error or misunderstanding.

A Founder doesn’t need anyone else to do this job except themselves, whereas an Entrepreneur can delegate this responsibility across different team members who are more experienced than him/herself.

Who is the Co-Founder?

A co-founder is an additional member to the founder, often brought on board for a specific role in the company that needs more than one person’s input.

What traits should I have to become a founder?

Make sure that you have a certain level of dedication to your company and the industry that you’re in because it’s going to take all of your time and energy.

This question is very subjective; however, if you want to be successful as an entrepreneur, having both a good work ethic and vision are required.

If there’s something that only one person can do for the business or has the knowledge base required to do it, then they would become known as a Founder.

You don’t have to start out on top but rather build your way up as long as you know what steps are needed at each level.

What traits should I have to become an Entrepreneur?

You should have the willingness to learn about different areas of business and take on roles that you haven’t experienced before.

Nothing is guaranteed; however, it’s important not to be afraid to fail if it means you’ll learn something new from your mistakes.


So Which is Better? The real question here is; are you a natural entrepreneur or leader? If so, it doesn’t matter if someone calls you an entrepreneur or founder– just go with it!

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