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Business Card

Presenting a professional image at all times is important in the world of business. It is why we wear suits, shine shoes, keep our hair neat and everything else. It all matters. We don’t mean to, but of course, we all judge business people on these traits and sometimes in business, judging someone on a first impression can be all you have in deciding whether or not you do business together. From a firm handshake to good eye-contact to speaking with confidence it all matters when you are talking about a possible business connection. These are all traits that can sway someone’s decision to choose you over your competition. When handing someone your business card, you must embody confidence and professionalism. You are literally putting your business into someone’s hand and you want them to realize how important and lucky they are for you to do so.

Business cards are not a convenient way to hand someone your phone number. Handing someone a business card can if done correctly, generate a lead and open the door to a potential client. Take the entire process of exchanging business cards seriously and it will make a difference to your bottom line. Make a list of potential business owners whom you feel would benefit your company. LinkedIn can be a very useful tool for finding local business owners related to your industry. Memorize their face, name, the company and the services they offer. Then have your small pitch ready for when you meet them. An automatic foil printing machine can help you with a good print for a business card. You can approach knowing their name, company name and services, handing them your card and confidently explaining why you should meet. Perfecting this can show you as a confident, on-the-ball, local business minded person that they will want to get in touch with.

The Importance of Business Cards

Notice the interest of the other person. If they are eager to talk business, offer your card or encourage them to ask for yours. Making a note of what you discussed is always a good habit to get into as it makes the follow-up call a lot smoother and professional next time. Make sure the design of your own card is perfect. It should explain and depict all that you offer and to whom. Have a simple and streamlined design that will make your content stand out. Exchanging Business Cards is still a great marketing strategy. You have the chance to directly interact with a potential client, partner, or referrer. Make it count by doing it the right. State your name, give a firm handshake, hand over your card and ask for theirs. State what you do or how together you could collaborate confidently and leave the interaction with a call to action. If you take the distribution of your business cards seriously pretty soon you will have a great list of useful, local contacts.

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