The Internet of Things in 2018-Eight Trends to Follow

Internet of thinks
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Internet of thinks

Well, obviously it’s clear that the Internet of Things is transforming the business world in each industry which ranges from tracking system remotely, automate building maintenance systems, provides patient’s data in real time and more. By this way, the Internet of Things (IoT) has been the hottest and most debatable topic throughout the world. This technology continues to evolve at an incredibly rapid pace and anticipates the next big innovation.

Will 2018 be The Year of IoT?

As per the HIS survey, merely there are 20 billion connected devices globally as of this year. So, again Will 2018 be the year of IoT? Well, not exactly, but the future looks promising and thus 2018 will show a promising trajectory. Even though there are huge gains in connectivity, 2018 will be more of steady, full of fits and spams and the growth depends along with them.

On the other hand, IoT sees lots of investment, lots of growth and widespread adoption in few major industries. So, if it has a handful of positive aspects, then definitely it carried out some negative aspects too. On that note, this technology will also see some security issues, growing pains, potential data breaches, fragmentation, and frustration.

Here are some predictions for IoT trends for 2018 as the Internet of Things moves from experimentation to business scale

A recent study shows about 2/3 of companies are currently utilizing IoT. On this, here is a small survey,

  • About 54.2%-Somewhat
  • About 13.8%-A lot
  • About 32.0%-not at all

So, how much has your organization already incorporated the IoT into your business operations? Analyze it, before that let’s have a short look at the emerging trends in IoT.

Personalized Marketing Platforms

With access to personal data collection and processing of data out there, marketing strategies will become more personalized. This will transform the consumer-seller relationship and customer experience will improve. More attention will be paid to user needs and business owners will be empowered with a lot of information about the customer to make strategies targeting individuals.

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IoT Become Core to IT Functions

Today, mostly all leading businesses have already integrated IoT into their business operations to drive digital businesses. In future, connectivity will become part of enterprise IT fabric. It is expected that within five years, IoT will be the core of millions of business processes due to connectivity.

LPWAN Technologies Will Open up IoT in New Applications

Low power wide area networks (LPWAN) have recently emerged as a notable alternative to provide cost-effective wide area connectivity for the IoT. It outlines the range and data rate limitations of the different technologies. Compared to other technologies, LPWANs offer low energy consumption and extended coverage, but are trading this off by supporting only lower data rates.

Edge Computing will be on the Rise

Edge computing will become more popular, that is, analyzing data close to the origin before sending it to some centralized storage platform. This will reduce latency and so will become a hot trend in certain kinds of industrial IoT application. A movement towards edge computing will provide more control and power.

What might be the Next Emerging technique in IT Sector?

Next emerging technique in IT sector might be definitely PMP and Cloud Certification. You can enhance your competence and knowledge in Project management techniques and establish your ability to handle complex project challenges with confidence by getting PMP certification, cloud certification in Chennai.

Wrapping Up

The IoT will continue to expand next year with more and more devices coming online every single day. So, exactly where the growth will occur? Well, the growth might occur in the retail, healthcare and industrial or supply chain industries.  Even, Forrester Research has predicted IoT as the backbone of the customer. In fact, each and every retailer are jumping aboard and hoping to harness the power of IoT to connect with customers, improve customer journey deeply in personal ways and helps to grow their brands.

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