The most entertaining comeback but by an yesteryear actress! – English Vinglish Review

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Comebacks are synonymous with high-budget commercial films. Sridevi comes back in a different style as she dons the lead-role in English Vinglish, a comedy film. 14 years is a break that is too long but not long enough to drain her skill off. She is her original self and I wonder if acting is in her genes rather than something learnt.

The movie starts with her being shown as a mother of two kids. Her husband and daughter make fun of her as she does not know much of English. In no way Sridevi is portrayed as a dumb person but only as a person who lack knowledge in English. This is a good break from the usual formula which makes the movie a fresh approach.

The debutant Gauri Shinde’s well-meaning screenplay makes the movie a delight to watch and thanks to the charming performance from Sridevi you never once get carried away while watching the movie. Editing is crisp which makes the dull-sounding subject surprisingly smooth-paced.


English Vinglish Movie Sridevi First Look
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‘Thala’ Ajith’s entry dialog is rocking to say the least. I do not want to spoil your fun by telling it out but I bet every Indian would love it! He carries his role with ease. Also present are nice sub-plots throughout the movie which provide the much needed variety. Look out for the Frenchman. He is a lovable character in the movie.

Ajith and SriDevi

Loads of laughter with a message in a good package is what English Vinglish offers. It sure is a great movie to watch with your family.

English Vinglish Movie Trailer


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