The Next Big thing in Information Technology – DevOps, The better Technology


What is DevOps?

DevOps is a practice that automates the process between software development and the IT team. It helps to build efficient software with reliable output that is fast in speed, and good in performance.

The concept of DevOps is purely based on collaboration between teams with mutual trust, faster release, and the ability to solve issues quickly.

Automation is the key to the philosophy of DevOps that ensures delivery and improvement. The underlying blocks of DevOps ensure the engineering platform to facilitate continuous delivery, integration, safety, improvement, and maintenance.

DevOps Training – The better Technology to explore the curriculum

DevOps is a methodology that ensures the bond relationship between development and operations. DevOps is a cycle operation that integrated operation team and developer team by

  • Automating Infrastructure
  • Workflow
  • Continuous application performance

The demand for DevOps professionals is increased exponentially in recent days. The DevOps certification in Chennai is meant for professionals working in the IT field. The employees of the IT industry and job seekers are also undertake training certification in DevOps.

DevOps certifications are classified into

  • Foundation
  • Certified Agile Process Owner
  • Certified Agile Service Manager

DevOps Foundation Certification

DevOps Foundation certification and training are suitable for the professional who is working in the area of product and service. The certified individuals can execute concepts and practices of DevOps and enhance workflow and communication in the expertise.

Foundation certification helps to supports the design and development process. External and internal suppliers use the advantage and benefits of DevOps Foundation Certification.

DevOps Agile Software Training

Next to the foundation, there are two certifications available based on Agile Software. This is meant for professionals who are experienced in DevOps. In this certification, the professional get trained about configuring the tedious network system, data protection, setting up, configuring, and deploying software.

It also covers the training about maintenance, supporting the infrastructure applications running on it and upgraded the transitions.

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Advantage of DevOps over present technology

DevOps is a methodology and not a technology. It creates a more responsive environment that is closely aligned to the business and removes human errors from the live project cycle.

  • It helps the organization to run safe, reliable, and efficient software
  • Reduce the implementation times from months to minutes
  • Testing, up-gradation, and deployment are easily made possible
  • Increases the productivity of the business, reduces the work in Software Development Team
  • Save maintenance cost and upgrade to eliminate unnecessary capital expenditure
  • Improve quality, better reliability, reusability in all system components
  • Increases the rate of success for digitalization strategy
  • Show efficiency in transformation of projects
  • Ensure the money invested in cloud infrastructure, analytics, and data management are not wasted

DevOps has the above-listed advantages. Hence, it is important to ensure complete training and certification in DevOps. DevOps certification in Chennai has enormous value and offers excellent training to get placed in Top MNC’s. Grab the opportunity today to add the value to the resume.


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