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Travelling is a beautiful in everyone’s life as we are blessed with mother earth to explore many diverse people and their cultures. We all do travel one from place to another in our lives, we were limited to certain modes of transport all these years. In recent times, things have changed as flying on airplanes become cheaper but kept as a secret from the major population for unknown reasons. Here we are uncovering and bring you the secret sites you may use to get the cheapest flight tickets for your travels. Here are the opportunity to become the smart traveler you will ever be.


Considering the humongous amount of people using transport services, the availability of cheap flight tickets limited with certain criteria’s and specifications. If you need cheap flight tickets then you must understand the truth behind online flight ticket booking system. The best flight deals and getting cheapest air ticket is not a joke but a tough thing. You must understand the specifications and be truly persistent enough to get the best deals.




These are those criteria’s and the specifications you must follow even though no one can guarantee you. Do your research before placing your ticket order, don’t simply browser for tickets and pickup the random cheapest available. You must research on airports from frequently flights available to your travel destination.


Airports like Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore are considered to be major airports in India. At the same time research for airlines which flies frequently and have more flights to your travel destination. Though you will travel only for couple of hours on an airplane and if you restrict yourself from premium amenities then you can save a lot.

People in India hate Air India, Air Asia, etc airlines but there are people available who love this airline. The reasons for those haters is that the airline services may not be that premium as they expected. The reasons for those who love this airline is that it provides at cheapest tickets within and outside India.

MAS to Bangkok - Air Asia - 5700

CHEAP – Chennai to Bangkok cost Rs. 5700 in Air Asia with travel duration of just 3 hours and 30 minutes.

OTHERS – Chennai to Bangkok cost Rs. 7356 in Indigo with travel duration of 8 hours 35 minutes.

2 MAS to Bangkok - Air Asia - 5700

The difference between the cheapest and the second cheapest is 1650 rupees which is a lot of money. Of course, there are conditions and terms apply with these tickets but the odds of anything happening worst is very rare.

This is how people travel from one city to another in just Rs. 1500 rupees. Want to know more tips to get cheap flight tickets? Buy this book How To Find Cheap Flights – Practical Tips The Airlines Don’t Want You To Know and I bet you will never regret.


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