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Human nature of living is to compare ourselves with others. Not many of you are aware that comparison eventually brings depression and mental illness. You must concentrate more on what to accomplish and become the best form of yourself. We all have watched sports where one team sledges another to bring down and diffuse their confidence on the pitch.

Likely, we face hidden attacks on us in social gatherings, office space, sports, etc. The befitting that you can given them is to simply ignore them and respect your peace. There is an elegant quote, “Raise your words, not voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder”. Here is the masterpiece from author Mark Manson detailing how we can attain our goal by his book “The subtle art of not giving a f**k”.

tim-not-giving-a-fuckEMBRACE THE UNCOMFORTABLE


The desire for more positive experience is itself a negative experience, at times one must embrace the unexpected aspects and accept it as it is. This acceptance converts that awkward experience into a positive state. Do you want to be fit and keep you healthy, read this quote “Pain is weakness leaving the body”. It will be frustrating when someone score better than you in an exam or a sport. You must set your mind to figure out what went wrong and work on that specific aspect to build yourself for a good outing the next time.


Happiness is very much unlike other emotions which displays the quality of being thankful to others, readiness to show appreciation. Stop comparing yourself with others, and pleasing others to get their love will not bring happiness. This book helps you understand happiness is not an ultimate end goal or solvable equation instead it is an emotion which leads us to understand things.


Failing at anything must not result in bringing yourself down rather failures are the necessary aspects for success as they let you know what skills you are lacking. Understand those aspects, accepting it as the best thing happened to you for giving you peace of mind. Buy the book and find the deeper meaning of how you can stop worrying about things that brings you down and change your life for peace and glory.


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