These Animals Are Highly Celebrated By Their Country People – Know Why

On our beautiful planet earth, we are blessed with many lovely things by mother nature. One of those is the animals that bring awe, love, care, kindness, peace, and sometimes fear to everyone. Few animals are highly celebrated by their natives and also around the world.

These animals truly resemble their country with their unique beauty and cuteness. But mind you, sometimes things may get nasty, and one must be aware of that too. Animals are closely associated with humans due to the love and affection they receive from us.

Before Siddharta Gautama became Lord Buddha, he lost his interest in regular human life, and he was so furious to find answers for all the suffering. He simply gave away his regular life and meditated in the forest. During that time, he has shown at most love and care to all the jungle animals.



If there is something that people on the internet are obsessed with other than cats, it can only be the giant pandas from China. This cute but giant animal brings “aww” to people as its behavior makes the scene truly a pleasure to watch. This endangered species of pandas has been part of Chinese culture for thousands of years.



Kangaroo outnumbers the number of people in Australia, as they are commonly found in several parts of the country. KANGAROO has a special ability by which it has received loads of love from Australian citizens. In 1908, the kangaroo was recognized as Australia’s favorite animal. The less spoken fact about kangaroos is that they cannot walk back as they can only walk or jump in the front.



The flightless bird Kiwi is native to New Zealand’s Maori people, and they consider it a sacred creature. It is commonly seen that New Zealand citizens are often addressed or called a “kiwi!”.



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Bulls have long been part of Spanish culture and its history. The country conducts bullfighting, and the event’s birth dates back to the 14th century. Bulls are seen to be close associates with the country of Spain, and it helps the tourism industry to grow with travelers frequently flocking to witness the bullfight events.

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