Things to Consider While Buying an Electric Scooter in India

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When it comes to the most convenient and economical personal transport, an electric scooter ranks up the top of the list. The popularity of these vehicles is increasing day by day for exceptional performance, environmental sustainability, and cost-effectiveness. According to the study report, it is estimated that this mode of transportation will make its marvellous presence across the world by 2030. The new generation electric vehicles are equipped with plenty of features such as over-the-air software upgrades, geo-fencing, brilliant designs, etc

Purchasing electric scooter in India requires complete attention to the basic things that you must look out for. Some of them are described below –

What Exactly You Want And Why?

The purpose behind owning an electric two-wheeler may vary based on the individual requirement of a person. One might need this to travel long distances, while others might need it just for daily transportation. Understanding these requirements help in picking the right scooter with sufficient battery capacity.


Electric vehicles are known for high mileage which assures long-term benefits in a cost-effective manner in today’s world where fuel prices are increasing rapidly. The leading brand can offer up to 100-120 km mileage per charge. If you intend to use a scooter for long-distance drives, then choose one with a longer range.

Charging Capacity

This is another factor you must consider while shopping for electric two-wheelers. The charging functionality and duration rely heavily on the motor type and battery plan. For example, lithium-ion batteries substantially increase the charging rate and duration.

Check Storage Space

Besides all other factors, check for the storage space of a scooter ensuring it must have enough potential to store basic things while riding with immense convenience. For example, if you are going to buy certain household products, it must have sufficient space to put your groceries easily.

Don’t Forget Price Matters A Lot

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No one wants to buy a vehicle that breaks their bank completely and leave them with nothing. Keep in mind that none of us has the same budget. So, the right price may differ from one person to another. Don’t focus on what other people are preferring, but purchase one that holds the perfect balance of your budget and functionalities you want.

Warranty Period

The warranty coverage and duration is one parameter that can assure you about the protection of your hard-earned money invested in purchasing electric two-wheeler. You would not have to worry about repairing or replacement cost of broken parts, manufacturing defects, or other damages if you have a warranty.

Go For A Test-Ride Before Your Final Pay

So, you have checked everything right from the design, structure, charging rate, two wheeler insurance to the pricing. But, how would you ensure the quality of ride you will enjoy? A test-ride is an excellent way to find out what experience your scooter will provide when you get it on the road.

If you want to get the best value for your money, then consider these vital things to make a confident decision that fits your needs and budget.

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