Things to do with the Envelops – A Guide to Envelops


Is an envelope, just an envelope or is something more than its name? Whether it is sending invitations for your special occasion or use them at offices, you have one for every purpose. Often seen as – another stationary of use, we realize its use when we really need one.

Envelopes are the basic everyday stationary item that finds its use in offices as well as homes for many purposes. While the art of writing letters to communicate is hardly prevalent these days, for business and official purposes it is still as important as it was.

A Guide to the Various Types of Envelopes

Envelopes come in various shapes and sizes, plain or colored. Let’s look at the most commonly used ones:

  • The Regular Ones: Are the standard business envelopes. The popular #10 envelope falls under this category, measuring 91/2 inches by 41/8 inches. All type of regular envelope has solid fronts and no window, with a basic flap at back. Some regular envelope types are added with some special feature depending on their purpose of use like – pre-moistened adhesive flaps and security Mainly used for business needs like mailing invoices, paychecks and letters.


  • Contour Flap Envelopes: The highlight of this type of envelope is its big triangular flap that touches almost till the bottom. Mainly used for invitations and cards is known for its standout design and luxurious feel. Can be obtained in a standard size with variety in colors.


  • The Square Ones: It is square in shape and very stylish. Most of them also have their flaps in a square shape to match the design. Comes in small sizes of 31/5 inch square to bid 121/5 inches calendar sizes.


  • The Open-Ended Ones: Also known as catalog envelopes are open from both the ends. Comes in a variety of sizes from #1 to #10 and the jumbo ones too and some with peel and seal options to make use easier.
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  • The Clasp Envelopes: It features a double-prong metal clasp and a reinforced eyelet is not only durable but are also reusable and has a densely gummed flap closure. A perfect for an office, home, and school use.


  • The Booklet Envelopes: The flap on the longer side of this type of envelope, makes it easy to use envelopes for brochures, booklets, large sets of papers. A perfect for a larger business or official communications.

These are some of the common types of envelopes used in present times. Also, just as notebook printing and hard cover book printing, envelope printings are also available. This makes it easy to customize envelopes as per preferences and needs. Be it for your special wedding occasion or for any official release, customizing envelopes makes it all the more effective and valuable.

The Many uses of Envelopes

Irrespective of the style, color and size, envelopes are vital in making a statement. It signifies the glory of its use as still date business letters and correspondences find their pride inside them. You have the regular, open-ended, booklet and the window styles for all-purpose use. The social and invites comes in square and pointed flaps. Whatever be your need, you have an envelope for it.


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