Gadgets have become a never-ending romance for human beings. It has become kind of an oxygen cylinder which comes into rescue whenever we find ourselves in an emergency situation. So, don’t hurry yourself in buying the smartphone you see everywhere. Remember, it is life-saver gadget and you should be serious enough while choosing the one for you.

Source: freegreatpicture
Source: freegreatpicture

Alright, enough of the exaggeration as Smartphones and the spell wands they use in Harry Potter are not the same. They said “It is the not the person who chooses the Wand but the Wand that chooses the person”. Here the case is different as we are into the real word not the wizardly world of magics.

Here are three wise aspects you should consider while buying a new smartphone. Worth the read, and we are sure you will definitely share these with your friends and family.

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One of the major aspects of the smartphone is the Display which provides the gateway of size and resolution. Smartphones don’t need to be like the old flip-flop rather it should be large enough to let you have a video chat with your friends and family, record a high-resolution video of whatever you love to see again and many more. The decent display size and resolution we suggest is that you should go somewhere in between 5.5 inch to 6-inch smartphone with full or QHD resolution for luxury photo and video experiences.


The internet is filled with selfies and hussies which gives any smartphone users the joy of loving themselves. You like a spot and guess what! You can turn the camera into selfie mode and snap yourself and he lovely spot as well. So, in order to click snaps that gets the most number of likes you should look for camera with minimum of 5 MP front facing and 12 MP of primary camera.


You can argue that battery isn’t a big show these days! Yes, we have power banks with 10000mAH to 20000 mAh but nobody loves to keep their smartphone always in charging with the power bank. So better choose the smartphone with ample amount of battery life. The decent we suggest is go with the one which has got minimum of 3000mAh battery with itself.

One smartphone which stands out among its competitors on the budget front and providing cool features is this Samsung Galaxy On 8 smartphone.

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