Tips to choosing the Right Commercial Truck

Choosing the Right Commercial Truck
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Guest blog by Sophie

If you’re buying a truck for the first time then you may be at a loss to know which make or model to choose. There are certain aspects to every vehicle that should help to make up your mind and providing you take on board as much information as you possibly can, you should end up making the right choice.


The first question is what are you going to use your new truck for? That may be obvious because any tradesman is going to store vital equipment in the back. However what does your list of equipment consist of? If you are a window cleaner or a tree surgeon then you will need to store ladders in the back or possibly on the roof. If that’s the case then the dimensions of the van’s interior take on more relevance. You should also consider whether you need side opening panels or if you can access your equipment via doors at the back. Do you require a motorised platform to get in and out of the van to shift heavy objects? The question of use is far more complex than it might initially seem so consider all of these issues before making your decision.


Naturally you should treat the question of your truck’s running costs with the utmost importance and those additional costs will include fuel, insurance, maintenance and repairs. With more information available on the internet, you can now deal with van insurance as easily as you can with car insurance via a comparison site but the important thing is to get a confirmed quote before you buy.

Establishing other running costs may not be quite so easy and this is where you can seek help from other motorists. Your manufacturer is likely to publish figures relating to fuel economy and it will be simple enough to search their website and learn about the expected miles per gallon (MPG) results, in a range of driving scenarios. There is however a suggestion that states the actual results don’t correspond to these claims. If you’re in any doubt then you can search the internet for review sites or forums that may give you more independent reports from other drivers. Take time to find the reviews and consider which model is likely to be more fuel efficient. This can also apply to repair and maintenance costs and if you’re unsure then similar reviews can always help you out.

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Your final decision can also depend on personal taste but it helps to take in as much detail as possible. Then you can make your own choice about which truck to buy.

About the Author:

Sophie works alongside Walker Movements, a company offering used trucks for a variety of business needs.

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