Tips to promote your YouTube channel and increase subscribers

Tips to promote your YouTube channel and increase subscribers 1
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YouTube is one giant social networking video platform to engage with any set of audience in this world. Video have become the trend in 2017 where major players like Facebook, Snapchat initiated video features in their platform. Facebook Live Video is a massive hit and through which one can live stream special moments with their friends and family instantly. So you got an idea and you want to tell it to the world then video is the best way. With YouTube being available for FREE you can create your own channel and gather a huge set of audience base with creative content. In this post, let me share the basic things many YouTubers were doing wrong, which brings major boost to their channel when the following tactics are done right.

Have an engaging thumbnail to get clicks:

Basically thumnail will be the first impression for the viewers after the title of the video. For a specific search phrase you can find multiple videos in the results with the same title in them. The thing which differentiates is the thumbnail and the length of the video. So having an engaging thumbnail with a common template for your videos will make the user to click on your video. There are many websites helps you to create an engaging thumbnail and one specific one I would suggest is Canva.


Title is the second most important thing:

As mentioned earlier, there are content available on most of the common categories on YouTube. So for example, your niche is “Travel” then you have to have an killer title which seduces the reader to watch the video without any second thought. If you are struggling to create an clickbait title then you can start with searching for title generators online. One of my suggestions for this is KeywordTool.


SEO for your content:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a crucial part to bring your content ahead of your competition. When you follow the SEO rules while creating your video content will boost your channel and increases your subscribers count. Common things to be followed are to i. Have a custom thumbnail ii. click bait title iii. Time duration 8-10 minutes. Make sure your video content not less than 8 minutes and not greater than 10 minutes this results in views increase as people or search engine does not prefer long video or very short videos.

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Create a playlist of your content:

Having a playlist on YouTube is an easier task, having created more than 5 videos you can create a playlist and list your video in the playlist. Search engine prefers to show playlist when someone searches for any keyword. Here is a google support article teaches you how to create a playlist, click here.


Consistency is the key:

You do not have to overload your channel with a video everyday if you are a beginner. In the beginning state you have spend more time to learning and practicing it to implement. So having consistency of posting video either once a week or twice a week will help to have repeated audience base. You can opt for one video a week every Wednesday, mid-week is when people feel relaxed and think about spending more time online.

Once making a million subscribers on your channel, you can create your own product and market them on your channel. For this reason you should also enrich your knowledge on Content Marketing for a consistent period of time. Having created a million subscriber base you must look for more creative ways to move forward. Do not limit yourself with the above mentioned tactics and tools. Constantly research on your niche and video tactics online to become successful on your channel.

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