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Smartphones have gained more attraction not only to youngsters but to people of all ages. You might have noticed that we are consuming mobile data 10x the amount we have consumed couple of years ago. Earlier we have used 1 Gigabyte of mobile for a period of 30 days, but now we are consuming 1.5 Gigabyte mobile for a single data. The major mobile application that help us to consume vast amount of data in high definition is none other than YouTube. YouTube, the popular video-sharing social networking website in the world by Google. In order to speed up things and save time, we have brought a tech tip on YouTube search feature.


YouTube is the second largest search engine platform after Google, and the first of video search engine. It comes with loads of features and settings, lets focus on the main aspect which is the search feature. This search tip will let you get your video search specific to your favorite YouTube channel.

There are channels in YouTube which are famous worldwide, I am sure you have subscribed to many of the world-famous channels with respect to your interest niche. This search-within channel featured made possible with the web app made by famous tech blog labnol.

Click Here and the web application for YouTube search-within channel dashboard will load on your mobile or desktop. Click “Sign-in with YouTube” button to use with channels you have subscribed on YouTube. Need not worry to signup, as you will only be giving read-only access and no information of yourself will be stored with the app author. seach-youtube-channel

As the above screenshot display, you will have two fields “YouTube Search Query” and the “Select YouTube Channel” once after you have signed in. The latter is a drop down with the channels you have subscribed on YouTube.

Select the one you need and enter the search query and hit “Search” button. The results will display videos that are present in the specific YouTube channel you have selected with respected to your search query.

If you are an entrepreneur enthusiast then you can subscribe Gary Vaynerchuk channel and search for content on “Entrepreneurship”. GaryVee publishes tons of content on entrepreneurship, likewise you can get your favorite channel subscribed and search within it in a flash with this web application.

Note: The idea of this feature has been initially published in labnol.org

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