Tips To Select Used Offset Printing Machine Rather Than New Ones!

Offset printing is one of the most commonly used printing methods of recent times. Rather than only a technical and mechanical process, printing is also an art. More than 50% of all printing jobs carried out today are being done through offset printers.

Saying so, many of us don’t exactly know what an offset printer is and how it works? You must have wondered that how the print in brochures and magazines have absolutely no sign of printer, whereas, when you print from a smaller printer you can see the printer inks on the paper. You must have observed the versatility and the brilliant colors that come out and that what leaves you imagining of the print. It is all made possible with an offset printer.

Now, that you know how an offset printer could create magical impacts on your prints, why not have one for your business and that too a used one. Used and refurbishes offset printers are as good as new, just like an automatic foil printing machine. that gives quality prints and results on a single type of print, but all you need is to your go through a few quality assurance checks that will give you value for money. Let’s find out what we should look for in a used offset printer so that we get the best deal.

Choosing a used Offset Printer:

Opting to buy a second hand, whether online or offline, needs a few careful consideration, unlike a carton printing machine that does not require high adjustments in its use.. Go through these buying guides carefully.

  • The condition of the machine

The first thumb rule – it should be in running condition. Check for the quality and speed of printing and see if there is something that is unusual. Check with the owner, if any part/s have been repaired or changed. See the maintenance schedule.

  • Enquire about the brand
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Particularly in the case of second-hand machines, check for the brand. It should be a running one. Is the brand still giving its services and if spare parts are easily available. If it is one of the best brands, you should consider the option, even if the machine is a bit older.

  • Check the cylinders and Inking system

Ink rollers, blanket cylinders, plate cylinders, and the dampening system are the most critical parts of an offset printer. Don’t mind checking them and consulting an expert. It is these parts that reflects how has it been maintained and used.

  • Year of manufacture and its price

If it’s an offset printer or any other, the age of the machine is something that you need you to need to know. If its reputed brand, you can even buy a bit older version.

Price is important but should be the sole factor of choosing a machine. Today, even the second-hand market is equally competitive and don’t shy away from negotiating. Never pick up a machine, just because it is cheap.

If you are very skeptical about buying an old machine, there are several other factors also that play their part in the selection like the size of your business and the requirements you have, the printing capacity of the machine, the price of printing that you will incur and similar.


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