Nowadays, we witness tons of new technology products coming up in the internet space. Well, most of them are produced to make the world a better place. Of course, there are few which were design to cause unwanted troubles. Spy cams is the thing, initially it would have been brought up to figure out enemy actions. These days, people have started to plant spy cams unlawfully in public places for various reasons. If at all, you are getting suspicious about whether a spy cam is present in any public you were in, then you must make use of the following tips to identify those hidden cameras and protect yours and everyone’s privacy.


The first thing you can do when you feel anything being suspicious on the hotel you were renting or in your friend place or something. Then, you can immediately put yourself in the shoes of thinking like a spy. Search the room about possibly where you would plant a spy camera if you were one. Coming to whether you have a one sided mirror which have a camera. It records the scene from behind then you must try flashing light on to the mirror. These types need one side of the mirror to be brightly lit compared to the other side.

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In case you are unsure whether the spy camera is around but still feeling buggy that it is somewhere in there. Then, you should try switching off the lights or close the doors, windows and others to stop light entering the room. These tiny spy cams sometimes glitter or flash with red or green colors and they can be easily spotted when the surrounding is dark enough.

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A signal detector should not be the last thing you have to lay your hands on. The internet is full of intimate pictures and videos taken without the other’s consent and were published unlawfully. Taking immediate action will help not become a victim of revenge porn or such similar incidents. It might sound exaggerated but the threat is real, we all under privacy loophole.

Better spend few bucks in buying medium level relevant signal detector to stay safe on all occasions. These devices help big time in detecting hidden digital devices like the wireless cameras, voice recorders, pinhole cameras, spy cameras and much more. Hope, you don’t let those crooks to stop you from getting outside of your home and enjoying the world.

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