Tips to Study Chemistry More Effectively

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Tips to Study Chemistry More Effectively

Chemistry is the subject of understanding nature’s operating conditions. In chemistry, we come across various concepts and chemical formulas which can be little bit difficult to understand. With a descriptive use of chemical bonds, reactions, formulas and even problems can make your mind go nuts. Don’t worry, we have here some tips to study chemistry in a more effective manner. 

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  1. The Feynman Technique This technique means you can pretty much learn any chemical reaction by teaching someone else in simple terms, whether it is a concept you don’t really get or you try to remember an already learnt concept. By teaching somebody in a simplistic manner, you can illustrate clearly the dense topics such as Lanthanide Contraction and many more. While explaining, write down everything you know about this topic and if you learnt something new about the topic add in the notes.
  2. Reading out loud while learning- It is always advisable to speak the text while learning so that you can hear yourself. It is the proven secret to learn major formulas and equations in chemistry. By knowing what you are reading, the brain processes information effectively and helps in retention of learned equations and formulas.
  3. Practicing with Writing- Chemistry is a subject, where, you will be facing numerous chemical formulas and equations. Remembering those equations and practicing will definitely help in concepts like Hund’s rule and many others. Keeping a habit of writing while learning proves beneficial for many chemistry related topics.

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