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Emotional intelligence is something that not every one of us was neglecting to realize its importance in our lives. No matter whatever you do in your life, if you could have a sense of control on your emotional intelligence then it will turn your life into gold. If you have closed watched, you would notice one thing in recent times in our lives. You don’t have to be happy every day to be doing what you love. Figure what you can improvise to become truly content with oneself rather looking everywhere else for joy.

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Have a Sense of Purpose


In his Harvard commencement speech, Mark Zuckerberg says “You should have a higher sense of purpose in order to do great things in your life”. Realize you can’t simply run around anywhere you want rather you should have a destination in mind and thereby you can relay your life of success with achievements over achievements. Every one of us was given with an ability to sparkle in our lives. Check out this book A Dog’s Purpose to know about how a purpose makes things beautiful.


Forward-Thinking Mindset

In a real world environment you will be tested more on your emotions and rather less on your other skills. When you become a forward thinking person, your emotions automatically align with it to make you an optimistic personality. Having control over your emotions will yield your mind to think fresh and choose the best option you ever want rather what the current situation says. What you think is what you become. Here is a beautiful book Whatever You Think Think The Opposite, it talks how you can use your common sense to boost your emotional intelligence.

What Is Your Philosophy

Question yourself whether you were living your life with a set of principles. You must revise your own code of conduct then and there to know where you stand in your journey of life. This may sound like a cliché but you must figure what works for you and what doesn’t. Notice your emotions which help you to know whether you are truly the way you are or you were adapting your life just to comfort someone else for time being. Your personal life philosophy will narrate your inner self to choose what to do and what not to do even in the toughest situations. Here is a masterpiece Emotional Alchemy: How Your Mind Can Heal Your Heart, talks about realizing your natural ability and to get clarity in life.



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