Top 10 Reason to Host Your Website in Bluehost

In this article, we will be sharing the top 10 reasons to host your website in Bluehost & why we moved our website hosting to Bluehost

We started our website with Godaddy shared hosting, and we had issues while scaling and adding more articles, so we upgraded to the next server. The costing was high, and the site was not loading as expected.

Then we moved to AWS Lightsail instance, and it ran good for a couple of months, then again, we had issues. We move to the next level of server instance in Lightsail. It was running good for a couple of months. Later we received a lot of downtime on our website.

Now we have around 2000 + articles in our website. We needed a stable hosting provider to promote and scale our website.

Top 10 Reason to Host Your Website in Bluehost

After an extended analysis and checking, we decided to move to Bluehost.

1) WordPress Recommended Hosting

Bluehost is a recommended host of WordPress and is currently hosting more than 850,000 WordPress websites.

According to a survey, approx 455,000,000 sites are powered by WordPress.

With Bluehost, you can host WordPress in a single click and generate your website within minutes. You don’t need technical skills to launch your WordPress website using Bluehost.

It is highly recommended to have a blog for any website when it comes to blog, WordPress is the best. So getting Bluehost for hosting server is an excellent option for your website.

2) Free SSL Certificate

SSL certification ensures that your site is safe from unauthorized parties. SSL means that your site is protected and give more confidence for your audience to trust the website.

With Bluehost, you get Free SSL certificate for your website. You can always use the free SSL service or avail any other SSL certificate and install it on your website.

While hosting in GoDaddy, we used GoDaddy SSL and then Comodo SSL for our website. After moving to AWS, we used Lets Encrypt Free SSL. Now we are using Bluehost free SSL certificate for our website.

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3) Fast Web Hosting Servers

Many high traffic websites and personal websites are hosting in Bluehost. Another primary reason to pick Bluehost as your host is the page loading time.

Page loading speed is an essential factor that major search engines use when ranking sites, also customer prefer website, which loads faster.

If your website is slow, then you are losing your customers. When it comes to eCommerce website, even milliseconds delay will lose them lots of money.

4) 99.9% Uptime

While hosting in GoDaddy, we had like 90%, and in AWS Ligthsail, we had around 86%. After moving our website to Bluehost, as of now, we have 100% uptime.

Bluehost guarantee a 99.9% uptime. If your site has poor uptime, then your customers won’t be able to reach your website, and you will lose your customers.

Downtime of your website also affects your website ranking in search engine.

BlueHost maintains a high uptime ranking, meaning that you won’t have to worry about any site maintenance issues once your site is active.

5) Great Value for Packages

To be honest, Bluehost is not cheap. It is a bit expensive compared to other hosting providers available in the market.

Bluehost basic and advanced shared hosting packages are the best value for their hosting customers.

Like any company, they provide the best offer when you book for long term package.

If you have one website, then go with Basic Package, else recommended to go with Choice Plus package.

It is recommended to get a 36-month package, where you will get the best deal out of hosting. Still, based on your budget, you can go with a 12 or 24-month package also.
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6) Free Domain

Free Domain is another bonus from Bluehost when you sign up for new hosting, and you can get .com with the name of your choice.

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Usually, the domain name cost around $10-15 a year, and you save this cost by leveraging the free domain.

If you are new to hosting and domain, then it is recommended to book the hosting, and while purchasing the hosting, get the FREE Domain so that you could save the domain cost.

This free domain is only for the first year, from second year onward, you will need to pay the renewal charges.

7) 24/7 Technical Support

BlueHost offers 24/7 live chat support to help you get through the issues that you’re experiencing. They also provide phone call support, based on the country and location. Do check their support page for more information. If a customer has a problem, they can chat with the support team, send a support ticket via email, or call them at (888) 401-4678.

Tech support is critical when you are choosing a web hosting company. It is hassle-free to choose Bluehost as your web hosting provider. Its hosting control, the cPanel, is very intuitive to use.

Its server has excellent stable performance. And above all, it offers superior customer support in a friendly and instant manner.

8) Money-Back Guarantee

If in case for any reason, you decide to back out after signing up, BlueHost offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. This way, even if you’re on the fence about starting your site or committing to a specific host, you still have a full month to try it out before you change your mind.

You can find more details on the BlueHost’s cancellation page.
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9) Easy of Use

Bluehost has very simple steps for account registration, purchasing hosting, and also to launch the website.

Your cPanel, it stands for Control Panel, will be easy to use, and there are no complicated steps involved anywhere. Just simply click and take action activities only. Compare to GoDaddy, Bluehost has a more simple process for tasks.

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Even a newbie without any technical skill can launch a website with Bluehost cPanel.

10) Migration was Easy

Migrating a huge site was tedious when I moved my site from GoDaddy to AWS, it took me a day to completely migrate. But while moving our website from AWS to Bluehost, it was easy, and our site was up within a couple of hours. We will write another article with steps on how we moved our server without any delay or issues.

Pro Tips:

  • If you are new to hosting and domain, then it is recommended to book the hosting, and while purchasing the hosting, get the FREE Domain so that you could save the domain cost.
  • With Money-Back, you can cancel within 30 days of purchase.
  • If you have one website, then go with Basic Package, else recommended to go with Choice Plus package.
  • Use Bluehost and get Free SSL Certificate.
  • If WordPress then Bluehost


If you are launching your website and you need a stable recommended hosting, then go with Bluehost.

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