Top 10 Things Top Students Do Every Day

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Top students look like you, only that they seem luckier when results are released. They always pass their exams, and most of them aren’t gifted in extra-curricular activities like sports, surprisingly. But other students look up to them. After all, everyone wants to pass their exams. There are ways top students carry themselves which begs the question; what can you do to pass the exams as they do? There are many ways you can improve your exam scores, but we will mention the top ten things top students do every day, and probably help you become one of them.

1. Most Don’t Complete All Their Homework

We all think that being smart in class starts with being obedient to the teachers and doing everything that they expect from you. Homework assignments constitute about 20% of your grade, but students don’t like them.

Majority of the homework you do won’t appear in your exams, and top students tend to focus mostly on questions that are asked frequently.

2. They Manage Their Time

Every successful person you know manages time. As a student, you have many things to accomplish. There is time to study, play, watch TV and be on phone.

Top students are aware of this, and it’s unlikely for them to waste time.

3. They Divide Up

Who said that studying is fun? Not even the top students find it fun. They actually divide their work into manageable tasks and reward themselves after achieving each.

They don’t make studying a marathon.

4. They Google Everything

Who doesn’t ask Google these days? Top students always rush to Google to get quick explanations.

They don’t rely only on school social studies curriculum for answers about their country. They use the search engine.

5. They Think Positive

To succeed in life, you have to think positive. Students that perform well in their exams don’t just assume a task is difficult and set their mind that it’s impossible.

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They put more effort and work harder, and everything to them looks doable and fairly easy.

6. They Know the Benefits of Good Sleep

Sleep is the best remedy for your brain. You should never underestimate the power of an eight-hour sleep every night.

When you get the right night rest, your mind sharpens, and you are able to focus more on your studies, as well as sharpen your memory, that’s what top students do.

7. They Know How Important A Lecture Is

Are you the type of person who says that the teacher or professor sucks? Chances are that you are a bottom student. Best performing students know the value of every lecture.

They want to be in every class session, ask questions, refer to their textbooks, and anticipate what will be taught in the next lesson. They simply make the lessons engaging for them.

8. They Set Time for Assignments

Most students always have homework to do and return them to the teacher or lecturer the next weekday.

Students that perform well always set some time aside to finish their homework or assignments before or after class to make sure they don’t miss class.

9. They Usually Have a Study Group

It’s usually a good thing to sit down with a group of fellow students and discuss the same things that you are taught in your class.

You can also meet and discuss some questions in preparation for upcoming tests and quiz one another, reteach material, and ensure that all of you are on the same page and ready for an upcoming exam.

In case you never knew, teaching someone is the best way to learn too. Besides, you get to share ideas or knowledge. That’s how top students think.

10. They Use the 80/20 Rule

Most of the students who score good grades usually do all their assignments, finish every practice, attend all lessons, but they still miss something. There will always be many things you can learn from your curriculum, but you should also know what worth learning is.

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Top students always identify about 20% of concepts that they have to learn to determine about 80% of the final grade. In short, they set their focus on a few things and ignore the less important ones. You can call it a high-performance formula.


Every student has the ability to succeed, and every one of them has the potential to be the top student. It’s all depends on their thinking and doing the right things.

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