5 firms team up for self driven cars

Top 5 firms team up for self-driven cars in markets [Automobiles]

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5 firms team up for self driven cars

Tech company GOOGLE, automobile maker FORD MOTORS, VOLVO CARS from Sweden, online taxi service UBER and user ride-sharing service LYFT have joined hands for necessitating federal action to initiate self-driven cars to the market.

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Issuing a statement, the group mentioned they will work with the public, law makers and regulators to realize the benefits and safety of self-driven automobiles. Additionally, a former top official of U.S National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) will be head to create guidelines for self-driven cars and will be the group’s spokesperson and counsel.

On April 27, the NHTSA held the second of two public forums on guidelines of self-driving cars that featured comments from various automobiles makers and technical companies.  Under current laws and regulations, fully automatic vehicle without human controls are not legal.

Further developments depend on the release of self-driven guidelines by NHTSA. NHTSA proposes to release the guidelines around July to lawmakers, companies and public.

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